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One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Kaido’s Final Fate!

After a week’s hiatus, One Piece 1050 is finally back. In the previous chapter, we saw an interesting flashback of Kaido. We look back more than 40 years ago, when Kaido was still in his decades. At that time, Kaido became the most powerful warrior figure in his kingdom, namely the kingdom of Vodka.

We also see how Kaido’s high reputation as a very strong figure makes Rocks interested in recruiting him. However, there are many interesting moments in Kaido’s life such as how he disappeared during the events of God Valley. Then, when he decided to go and rule Wano. And the most epic of course is when Kaido was defeated by Luffy.

Kaido’s Condition in One Piece 1050

Then, what happened in chapter 1050? Chapter 1050 itself is titled “Glory” or “Victory.” The chapter itself opens by showing how Kaido’s condition is after Luffy’s defeat. Kaido seemed to fall into a very deep hole, maybe even almost touching the core of the earth. This is because it looks like there is a magma flow around Kaido.

What’s interesting is that in the hot Wano land there is not only Kaido, but also Big Mom. As geeks know, Big Mom had previously lost thanks to the cooperation of the two Worst Generations; Kid and Law. Big Mom’s defeat by the two of them forced Big Mom to go into a deep hole in the Wano area underground.

Tonoyasu Flashback

In addition to showing Kaido’s condition, in this chapter we get a little flashback from the figure of Tonoyasu and also Toko. In the flashback we finally find out what was the reason Tonoyasu had to lose his temper, and why he ate the SMILEs fruit. It was because Tonoyasu felt he couldn’t let Toko smile alone.

As geeks know, Tonoyasu/Yasuie is a former Daimyo in one of the Wano regions. Initially, Tonoyasu’s figure was a serious one. However, in the Wano arc we see how he becomes a cheerful and full of laughter when he becomes a hero for the poor. Turns out he also consumed the SMILE devil fruit for a pretty touching reason. And geeks need to know also that Toko, based on the Vivre Card, is not Tonoyasu’s biological son.

Luffy Wins Over Kaido in One Piece 1050

After many fans questioned the fate of Kaido’s fight against Luffy, finally in this chapter we find out how it turned out. Although Oda did not confirm Luffy’s victory over Kaido through the narration, as did Big Mom, Luffy was declared the victor. Luffy’s victory over Kaido was announced directly by Nekomamushi to everyone who was or took part in the battle on Onigashima.

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Border Will Open

The story then shifts to the conversation between Zunesha and Momonosuke. Momonosuke then stated to Zunesha that he would reopen the Wano border which had been closed for a long time. However, Momo made it clear that she would not open the border now. Momonosuke then returned to his human form (silhouette)

Hiyori and Red Scabbards also appeared to appear together. And what was also surprising was that Denjiro then suddenly announced that the old era of the Wano Shogunate – led by Orochi – was over. It is now the era of the new Shogunate that will again belong to the Kozuki family. The good news is that there is no pause for next week which means chapter 1051 will appear on schedule, which is June 7, 2022.

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