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One Piece: 5 Great Mysteries Still Hanging!

Recently in the One Piece story, fans were surprised by the fact presented by Eiichiro Oda that Luffy’s devil fruit is actually not Gomu Gomu no Mi but Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. It also turns out that Luffy’s devil fruit is not a Paramecia but a Mythical Zoan. We also finally know the fact that Luffy is the successor of Joy Boy.

Most of the One Piece stories still have a big mystery. This is what makes fans curious about the mystery. However, with the One Piece story approaching its end, of course, Oda Sensei needs to immediately reveal an explanation or fact about the mystery. Then, what are the mysteries that Oda needs to uncover?

The Lost Century

The lost century (Void Century) is an empty century that becomes the barrier between the past and present era. World governments do not allow people to study or find out about the lost century. The event took place 800 to 900 years ago, before the current timeline. The lost century itself first appeared during the Skypiea arc.

What happened to the lost century or what later caused the lost century to happen is one of the mysteries that fans ask. They try to find out and guess what really happened. One theory that developed was when the world government and navy deliberately destroyed a civilization, because they were considered “dangerous” for them. Maybe that’s also the reason why the world’s governments don’t allow studying the lost century.

Meaning of Determination D

Geeks are certainly aware that some characters have a “D.” in the middle of the name. Examples are Monkey D. Garp, Trafalgar D. Law, or Gol D. Roger. But, what exactly does the “D” mean? Until now there is still no clue about what the meaning of the name. To be sure, the name is believed to have a strong determination and is able to shake the world.

Many fans then threw the theory that “D” stands for “Dream” or dream. Because, almost every character that has a “D.” have a big determination or dream. Another theory is the name “D.” comes from a long lost kingdom. It is believed that D’s determination will rise again someday and will again rule the world. The members of the D clan are also believed to be great enemies of the World Government.

Devil Fruit

Devil fruit is one of the important elements in the One Piece story, besides Haki. For almost two decades, the One Piece story has always been filled with characters who have devil fruits, whether they are Zoan, Logia, or Paramecia types. Luffy is one of the devil fruit eaters.

But there are so many questions about devil fruit, like how does the devil fruit system work? Where do devil fruits come from? The fans themselves had tried to find out about this, one of which was that there were things or substances that did affect the devil fruit. An astonishing new fact is Kaido said that the devil fruit is not an important factor to be able to become a pirate king.

Joy Boy

Joy Boy had left behind a large and abundant treasure on the last island of the Grand Line. He did so about 800 years ago. About 24 years before the current era, Roger’s pirate group finally arrived on the island of Laugh Tale and found the treasure, and later called it One Piece.

So far, the identity of Joy Boy is still a big mystery. Is Joy Boy a name? Nickname? Or titles? Who actually got the Joy Boy title first? What does Joy Boy have to do with the lost century? There are so many questions that arise regarding the still mysterious figure of Joy Boy.

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One Piece

It’s been a long time since the question “what exactly is One Piece?” or “what mysterious treasure did the figure of Gol D. Roger leave for those who found it?” heard among lovers of this series. Because this treasure is still very mysterious (we don’t even know what it looks like), many people then speculate about it.

Many people believe that the treasure they’ve been looking for doesn’t really exist, aka One Piece, which isn’t actually an object, but a friendly relationship. There is also another theory which states that One Piece is according to its translation, “a piece”. The piece was the last Poneglyph they had been looking for and would shake the world to its core. There are also those who think that One Piece is indeed a treasure in the form of gold.

Even so, Oda Sensei had given confirmation in an interview with the creator of Chibi Maruko-Chan, Momoko Sakura, that One Piece is not friendship or valuable experience. Luffy and the others will certainly get a “reward” for the adventures they have lived so far.

The One Piece series is known to often present unexpected mysteries and also big mysteries that make fans curious. However, with the series coming to an end, of course, fans want to know the real facts of the mystery. Will Oda Sensei answer all these mysteries in the near future? We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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