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One Piece: 5 Ways Shanks Is Luffy’s Best Coach (& 5 It’s Rayleigh)

Rayleigh and Shanks have actually affected Luffy in considerable ways. Both guys are accountable for who Luffy is today.

Luffy is the primary lead character in One Piece and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Throughout his life, the 2 guys who have actually taught him most are “Dark King” Rayleigh and “Red Hair” Shanks.

Both guys have actually used their insights about fight, approach, and what it suggests to be a pirate, with their contributions leaving a long lasting influence on their prodigy. By determining their biggest actions, it ends up being much easier to figure out which of them was a much better instructor and the particular ways they improved Luffy’s life.


10 Shanks Exposed Luffy To The Gum-Gum Fruit


Luffy biting the Gomu Gomu no Mi

Throughout among Shanks’ unscripted sees to Luffy’s home town Foosha Town, he brought the Gum-Gum fruit and made it available for usage. A starving Monkey D. Luffy came across and consumed it, much to his coach’s scary.

Though having a hard time to manage its power in the beginning, Luffy ultimately developed his Devil Fruit capabilities till it turned into one of the most powerful weapons on the Grand Line. Without Shanks’ unexpected present, it’s not likely that he would have made it almost as far in his experiences.

9 Rayleigh Saved Luffy From Kizaru

After punching the Celestial Dragon Charloss, Kizaru was released to collar Luffy. As a marine admiral, his abilities greatly went beyond anything that the Straw Hat team can – specifically prior to the time avoid. Understanding their impending danger, Rayleigh battled Kizaru on the heroes’ behalf.

This purchased Kuma sufficient time to teleport them prior to backup might get here. In the consequences of the skirmish, Luffy understood that he would require to end up being much more powerful if he ever wished to complete his experiences and accomplish his dream to end up being King of the Pirates.

8 Shanks Saved Luffy From A Sea King

Throughout among Luffy’s reckless endeavors, he nearly got consumed by a sea king. Shanks understood the young kid’s dilemma and did not have sufficient time to beat the beast appropriately. As an outcome, he was required to take extreme steps.

By compromising among his arms, he conserved Luffy’s life and revived his interest to end up being a pirate. It was a spectacular display screen of altruism, specifically because Shanks had no other way of getting his missing out on limb back. Thankfully, it appears as if the pirate has the ability to carry out without it based upon his status as an Emperor in the New World.

7 Rayleigh Is A Direct Connection To Roger

Rayleigh was a legend for great factor. Not just did he have such strength that the marines left him alone, he likewise acted as Gol D. Roger’s very first mate and most devoted good friend.

In addition to giving him reliability through association, this likewise suggests that Rayleigh has access to tricks that other pirates do not. It was highly suggested that he understood the area of the One Piece, just avoiding sharing it at Luffy’s demand. The Straw Hat captain was worried that if the area got ruined, it would challenge his reliability as the next Pirate King.

6 Shanks Is An Emperor Of The Sea

Though connecting with Roger is an outstanding method to ensure reliability, being an Emperor of the Sea is probably even much better. In spite of the motley structure of Shanks’ team, he happily stays among the most infamous and desired pirates worldwide.

Shanks’ team has actually handled to prevent embarrassment much better than the Whitebeard, Big Mommy, or Monster pirates, which recommends his amazing capability to command his forces and choose fights sensibly.

5 Rayleigh Taught Luffy About All Kinds Of Haki

When getting ready for his New World trip, Luffy’s biggest deficient was an absence of Haki. Rayleigh saw his capacity and taught him all 3 of its kinds, with differing degrees of success.

Though Luffy currently had a basic grasp of Conqueror’s Haki, Rayleigh assisted him so that he would have the ability to trigger it on command. Possibly most significantly, his lessons in Weaponry Haki assisted Luffy break treacherous logia users like Cigarette smoker, Caesar Clown, and even the unstoppable Katakuri.

4 Shanks Saved Everybody At The Fight For Marineford

After Whitebeard’s death, it appeared as if the Great Pirate Age will close quickly. Simply as the marines prepared to remove Luffy and everybody else who had actually assaulted them, Shanks’ team showed up to state the dispute over.

Akainu wished to pursue, pointing out that their forces were still strong enough to squash the beginners. Nevertheless, Sengoku understood much better and enabled his opponents to leave with dignity with the body of their fallen leader. The reality that all 3 marine admirals capitulated to Shanks suggests how effective he really is.

3 Rayleigh Assisted Luffy Escape From The Militaries Throughout The Island Chain Reunion

Due to the development of a phony Straw Hat team, the marines ended up being notified of Luffy’s activity earlier than anticipated. They prepared to go after the Thousand Sunny and collar its guests prior to their experiences might resume. Rayleigh when again pertained to the heroes’ rescue by placing himself in the marines’ course.

Through purchasing Luffy time, he showed his self-confidence in the boy’s objective to end up being the next King of Pirates. Rayleigh did not work alone – much of the Straw Hats’ other coaches likewise helped in staunching the World Federal government’s efforts.

2 Shanks Offered Luffy His Iconic Straw Hat

As Shanks prepared to leave for his next experience, he provided Luffy his hat as a keepsake. Prior to leaving, he informed the kid that he would anticipate it back when he ended up being a real pirate.

Motivated by Shanks’ words and driven to be successful, Luffy started to utilize the straw hat as a sign of flexibility and self-reliance. Ultimately, it ended up being so iconic to his identity that even his worst opponents began describing him as “Straw Hat.”

1 Rayleigh Taught Luffy For 2 Years

Though Rayleigh’s mentors were remarkable on their own, the time he dedicated to assisting Luffy spoke with his extreme sense of dedication. It took an incredible 2 years on a deserted island loaded with ravenous beasts for him to impart his tricks, yet he never ever grumbled or anticipated a favor from his trainee as an outcome of his services.

Likewise, Luffy stayed a thoughtful trainee who comprehended that his instructor’s lessons were crucial for his pals’ future survival. As an outcome, he made a spectacular quantity of development in a fairly short time, quickly ending up being a powerful obstacle for warlords and emperors of the sea.

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