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One Piece: Defeat, These 2 Pirates Disband?

With the theme of the story about pirates, it is natural that One Piece presents many strong pirate characters in the manga or anime story. There are strong pirate characters who go on their own adventure. However, there are also those who are members of a crew or pirate group. And speaking of pirate crews, there are many crews that appear in the story.

We know the Straw Hat crew, which is a pirate crew who is the main protagonist of the One Piece story. And there are also many other great pirate crews, such as Big Mom and Kaido/Beast pirate groups. As geeks know, the two pirates are the two main villains in the ongoing Yonko Saga.

Big Mom is the main villain in the Whole Cake Island arc. Meanwhile, Kaido is the main villain in the current Wano Country arc. Big Mom and Kaido are two pirates who once joined a large pirate group. The pirate group is called the Rocks pirate group.

Talking about Kaido and Big Mom, there is an interesting speculation that might happen. The speculation itself is that the Big Mom pirate group and Kaido might disband after Wano. Why is that? Because, the two Yonko were defeated by the three Worst Generations separately. Big Mom has now lost to Law and Kid.

Kaido’s own fate is still a mystery after in chapter 1049 yesterday Luffy managed to beat him to the capital city of Flowers. Although there has been no confirmation or narration that Kaido lost, it is very likely that Luffy will succeed in defeating Kaido. Then, what will happen to the two Yonko when they lose?

Those who Disbanded

They may be disbanding their pirate group after the defeat. Why is that? We can see this from what has appeared in the story. For example, the Rocks pirate group. The Rocks pirate group is a legendary pirate group that is very extraordinary.

About 40 years ago, the Rocks pirates ruled the oceans and no one dared to challenge this group. In fact, the World Government had difficulty defeating him. However, something unexpected happened 38 years ago in the God Valley region. At that time, the Rocks group must fight against Garp and the navy along with Gol D. Roger.

The Rocks group was later conquered by the two characters. After the defeat, the Rocks group finally disbanded. Another example of a pirate group that disbanded after a defeat was Whitebeard’s group. Whitebeard is also a former member of the Rocks pirate group as well as Kaido and Big Mom. He also managed to build his own name like the two.

Years of dominating the seas until finally Whitebeard had to die in the ultimate battle at Marineford. He died while trying to save Ace who was about to be executed by the navy. Whitebeard himself died with dozens of gunshot wounds and hundreds of stab wounds on his body. Whitebeard really showed his qualities as the most powerful man in the world.

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Marco, as the right-hand man of the Whitebeard pirate group, briefly took over the captain’s position. It was he who led the remnants of Whitebeard’s crew to battle against Blackbeard’s group in the Payback War. Blackbeard was held responsible for Whitebeard’s death. However, unfortunately, the battle did not end well for Whitebeard’s group. They actually lost to the power of Blackbeard’s group.

Kaido and Big Mom Disband

Based on the explanation above, it seems quite reasonable if later assumptions or speculations arise if then the Big Mom pirate group and also Kaido will disband after they lose. Indeed, there is still no explanation why every time a pirate group is defeated by another group, the pirate group that loses must disband.

Maybe, it could be a proof that they admitted that they had lost. Because, the reputation of their defeat would have spread to all corners of the world. The battle between the Worst Generation against the two Yonko was also the talk of the world, even before the battle erupted. So, whoever loses, the news of his defeat will also be heard throughout the world. That is, they must be ready to disband the crew. Let’s just wait, geeks for the next story in One Piece.

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