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One Piece: Guessing the Location of Kaido’s Road Poneglyph!

Becoming the king of pirates and finding One Piece is the dream of every pirate in the One Piece series. However, it is certainly not easy for a pirate to be able to find the location of the last island. They need a clue that can lead them there. This is the reason why the pirates needed the Road Poneglyph.

There are four Road Poneglyphs. Each Road Poneglyph in the One Piece story presents in detail the specific location of the last island, Laugh Tale. After everything is collected, then a pirate can get a clue to the last island. So far, the Straw Hats already have two Road Poneglyphs.

At the end of the Wano arc, fans believed that Luffy would find the third Road Poneglyph. Many fans believe that the third Road Poneglyph is hidden in the Wano area mysteriously. Kaido who hid the Road Poneglyph. However, where exactly did Kaido hide his Road Poneglyph?

Before discussing the location of the Road Poneglyph, geeks need to know also the reason why the World Government is targeting the Wano area. In the sky island, it is known that the sea stone as well as the sky island, was created due to the presence of a substance or object called “Pryobloin.” This substance itself is deliberately thrown into the air by the volcano.

And based on the facts that appear in the story, Wano is the country of origin of the sea stone. Why did that happen? The reason is simple. That is because Wano has an active volcano in the middle of its territory. The name of the mountain itself is Mount Fuji. Oda may have deliberately presented a reference to the name of the mountain from the name of the original mountain in Japan.

Poneglyphs and Pyrobloins

Another fact also states that the Poneglyphs were created in the Wano region. Although there has been no official confirmation, there is a possibility that the Poneglyph is also made of the same material, namely Pryrobloin. As stated by one of the inhabitants of the sky island, when the Pyrobloin merges with the water in the air the sky island finally forms.

Pyrobloin itself is believed to be a soft material. However, when later these materials are mixed with other materials, which are much harder, then we will see sea stone technology. In essence, Pryobloin is a material commonly used to create something extraordinary, strong, and sturdy like a Poneglyph.

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Where is Kaido’s Road Poneglyph?

Many theories then tried to explain where Kaido hid his Road Poneglyph. In a previous article, it was mentioned that there was a possibility that Kaido would hide it in one of the secret rooms in his palace. The room is still not explored in the story.

There is also speculation that Kaido hid the Road Poneglyph somewhere off the island of Onigashima. This speculation arises because Oden was able to obtain a copy of his Road Poneglyph information without any problems, when he had time to return to Wano. In fact, at that time Kaido and Orochi were in power in Wano. This means that Oden knows the exact location and is not in Onigashima.

The Road Poneglyph may have existed in the same place for the last 800 years, at the location where the Road Poneglyph was created. In Zou’s territory, the Road Poneglyph is tucked away on the body of a giant elephant. Meanwhile, in Wano itself, the Road Poneglyph may exist or be stored in a giant volcano.

Why then is the Road Poneglyph inside a volcano? Because, as in the previous point, the Road Poneglyph is made of Pyrobloin which is a material that comes from a volcano. This is probably the reason why the Road Poneglyphs in Wano are hard to find.

How then Kozuki Oden was able to get a copy of the information, as well as how Luffy would do the same is still a mystery. However, there might be a path or clue that would allow them to get to the location of the three Road Poneglyphs without getting hurt by the heat of the volcano. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter, geeks!

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