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One Piece: Is This Kuma & Jewelry Bonney’s Relationship?

Bartholomew Kuma’s connection with various important characters, such as Monkey D. Dragon, makes many fans curious about his past. Eiichiro Oda, as the creator of One Piece, once gave an illustration of how Kuma was when he was little. He looked like a slave doing his daily work.

We then find out how he later turned out to be the king or leader of the Sorbet kingdom, while also being affiliated with the Revolutionary Army as one of its commanders. After that, Kuma is told to be part of the Shichibukai and then he turns into a Pacifista PX-0 figure, a robot that has no thoughts and feelings created by the scientist Dr. Vegapunk.

The last appearance of Kuma himself is shown to be a slave to the heavenly dragons. At first glance, it seems that Kuma’s past was quite “extraordinary” with major changes in his life. To understand this, we need to go back to his past when he was a child. In SBS 63, the child version of Kuma was shown with other Shichibukai when they were little.

The past or childhood of Kuma is quite different from that of other Shichibukai and provides clues as to what might have happened in the past. Kuma is shown wearing very simple clothes, and carrying firewood on his back while reading a book called “Ninokin.” The name is most likely the name of a great figure in Japan, Ninomiya Sontoku.

Sontoku himself was a philosopher, economist, agriculturalist, and moralist. Sontoku is known for the kindness he does, especially when he feeds the starving people of the Odawara region, although the local Shogun disagrees with Sontoku’s ways. Most likely Kuma also did the same to the residents of the Sorbet Kingdom.

When Bonney was introduced to Sabaody, it was said he was from South Blue. We also know that she is part of the Sorbet royal family, thanks to her appearance in the events of Levely. It is for this reason that there is speculation that the Sorbet kingdom was located in the South Blue region. Sorbet itself is the name of a frozen food, and the Southern Ocean region is also a cold region.

This is what Oda shows how the South Blue region is an ice-filled region. And for this reason it is also very likely that the Sorbet Kingdom is a cold and frozen region, as is the case in the polar regions. Judging from the name ‘Kuma,’ which means bear in Japanese, it could be that Kuma is from that region.

The problem with the region is that because it is a cold and frozen region, food is difficult to grow and difficult to find. Food shortages can also be caused by other factors, namely because they have to pay “taxes” to the World Government so that their fathers can become part of the World Government’s protection.

Things like this were actually shown in chapter 763 yesterday, in one of Doflamingo’s past moments. It was possible that Kuma was feeding the residents of the Sorbet Kingdom’s territory, using the gold that was originally going to be given to the sky dragons as their “tax”.

This speculation is supported by the image of Jewelry Bonney as a child. Even though Bonney comes from a royal family, she has not escaped the suffering that other Sorbet residents share. Bonney was also feeling hungry and the situation wasn’t really good. Was the food he ate in the SBS column the food that Kuma prepared using gold that would be paid to the heavenly dragons?

The attitude shown by Kuma made him liked and loved by the residents of the Sorbet kingdom. And this is what makes him a leader. It is possible that many of the royal family, including the previous ruler, would have to die of starvation and protect Bonney. This could also be the reason why Bonney loves to eat and has a very high appetite. Besides that he also hates the World Government and the sky dragons.

Kuma was also one of the commanders in the Revolutionary Army. He was shown to be on a ship with another squad when Dragon rescued Sabo, some 12 years ago. We never know how and when Kuma would later be able to join the Revolutionary Army. Is it possible that Dragon has been eyeing Kuma for as long as Sabo?

It is also possible that Kuma joined the Revolutionary Army when he was still the leader of the Sorbet kingdom. Or maybe long before that. This is consistent with what we know about the Revolutionary Army, where they are always helping the people and also fighting against the World Government and the sky dragons. And this also fits the theory that Kuma is the one who feeds the inhabitants of Sorbet. Is this what Sabo meant when describing the figure of Kuma in chapter 908?

We also don’t know when exactly Kuma became a Shichibukai or why he chose to leave Sorbet and join the Revolutionary Army. What we do know is that he agreed to be a test subject by Vegapunk in the making of Pacifista. All parts of Kuma’s body are slowly replaced into robot bodies. Based on this, there is another speculation that there is a possibility that Vegapunk has started changing Kuma’s figure since he became a Shichubukai.

However, the question still remains, why does Kuma want to become a Pacifista? Why would he be willing to be the test subject of Vegapunk? Why was he willing to give up everything? It could be, the moment when Kuma used gold to pay “dues” to the sky dragons, but instead used it to feed the residents of Sorbet made them angry.

It could be that the sky dragons then ordered to destroy the region as an example to the world. Kuma might be the one who is then responsible for everything that happened. Knowing how powerful Kuma was, the heavenly dragons decided not to kill him. Instead, they made him a Shichibukai and started the Pacifista program.

Indirectly Kuma has sacrificed himself for the sake of the residents of Sorbet, which is also shown by Kuma in his story that always carries the Bible. The government of the world deliberately made a false story, in which Kuma was told as a cruel and tyrannical figure, so that their true purpose was not known. Not to mention that the World Government always asks Kuma to perform various gruesome acts, which further strengthens his image.

Kuma’s body modification is now complete, and he is shown as a slave in Mary Geoise. His presence there was a reminder of how powerful and influential the heavenly dragons were. Bonney himself was there during the Levely and he said he was trying to save Kuma. However, what exactly is the connection between them?

We know that Bonney is part of the Sorbet royal family. But is he really a young Bonney? Or is she actually Connie hiding her true identity, considering she can manipulate age? In chapter 595, we saw Bonney being captured by Akainu. And Akainu’s words were very important.

He says that he is very surprised that Bonney escaped from the World Government side, and Akainu is grateful that everything is over and that he managed to find Bonney. This shows that the World Government has concern for Bonney, possibly because he is part of the Sorbet kingdom which is part of the World Government’s allies.

It also provides clues that the World Government is keeping an eye on Bonney, so they know when Bonney is missing. If then Bonney is actually Connie the Sorbet leader who “disappeared,” the world government will certainly realize the disappearance of Connie’s figure, which is the same moment as when Bonney ran away.

And the World Government itself couldn’t possibly not know much about Connie and Bonney, given how much they care for him. This is important because if the Government of the world knew that Bonney’s true figure was Connie, they would never have allowed her into Mary Geoise and allowed her to follow Levely.

There was no way they would let pirates into Mary Geoise’s territory. Therefore, Connie may be Bonney’s grandmother and Bonney herself pretends to be Connie in order to save Kuma. Based on all the explanations above, it all makes sense why Bonney has a deep hatred for the World Government and provides an explanation of how it relates to the figure of Kuma. However, of course we still need to wait for a clear explanation from Oda Sensei.

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