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One Piece: Luffy Will Lose an Eye?

The One Piece story is still rolling until now. Right now, the moment of the fight between Kaido and Luffy could be a very big and overwhelming fight. They really did everything in their power to beat each other. Even so, this fight is not an easy fight especially for Luffy.

In the story, Luffy was defeated by Kaido several times. However, Luffy’s high determination in the end made Luffy get back up and continue to try to defeat Kaido. This ultimately forced Luffy to awaken his devil fruit powers as shown in the previous chapter. Luffy is completely different in that awakening form.

And not only Luffy, Kaido also issued his best technique to deal with the awakening of Luffy. One of the techniques he used was the Flaming Drum Dragon. The technique makes Kaido’s dragon body enveloped in flames. Luffy himself then beat Kaido with the Bajrang Gun technique. However, there is something interesting in the attack.

In chapters 1049 and also 1050, Luffy beat Kaido with various attacks, he was seen closing one eye. This also raises the theory that the possibility of one-eyed Luffy’s figure will soon occur / materialize. Maybe some geeks are still confused about what the one-eyed Luffy figure is.

Oda’s plan

In 2007, Eiichiro Oda released a collection of books called One Piece 10th Treasures. The book collection is a moment of celebration of the 10th anniversary of the series. In the interview presented in the book, Oda Sensei had said that in the last scene of the One Piece series, we will see a pirate who wears a blindfold.

This is what later became the basis of the speculation or theory. Oda Sensei also said that although he doesn’t really like blindfolds, at the end of a moment or scene in the One Piece series there will be a pirate figure who will appear with a blindfold on.

With the story of One Piece coming to an end, Luffy is the strongest candidate to become the figure referred to by Oda. And seeing what happened in chapters 1049 and 1050, Luffy might have suffered severe injuries to his eyes or even had to lose part of his eyes due to the fight and also the effects of Kaido’s technique.

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Although it makes sense, there are also some fans themselves who are not sure that Luffy will wear the blindfold. They reasoned that it would make Luffy’s appearance or design completely change. And maybe there’s an explanation why Luffy then closed his eyes when he beat Kaido. The most logical reason is because Kaido’s body temperature is very hot.

Possible Cause

With Kaido’s dragon body enveloped by a very hot fire, and even Luffy had time to feel the heat from the fire in Kaido’s body, Luffy had to partially close his eyes. This also often happens in the real world when we are too close to the fire. Based on that, another reason for Luffy covering one eye when beating Kaido is because he has to endure the heat from Kaido.

And this also gives a hint that the person who will wear the blindfold doesn’t have to be Luffy. It could be that Oda presents a new, original figure, for example the original Joy Boy. So, in conclusion, will Luffy lose one eye and wear an eye patch? It could happen. However, it is unlikely that this will happen.

Even though Oda may present a “hint” about the appearance of the blindfolded figure, and Luffy is one of the main candidates, Oda could have presented another character with the blindfold on. Let’s just wait, geeks, what happens next in the next chapter.

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