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One Piece: Revealed, Requirements for Awakening Devil Fruits!

The devil fruit was once again a hot topic of discussion among One Piece fans. In chapter 1030, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law gain new abilities, namely ‘awakening’ or the awakening of their devil fruits, namely Jiki Jiki no Mi and Ope Ope no Mi.

With the resurrection of the devil fruit, they were able to beat Big Mom. In fact, some time ago we saw how Big Mom finally lost to the two Worst Generations. Discussing about the resurrection of this devil fruit is certainly interesting considering the complexity of the mechanism related to the devil fruit which is still a big mystery.

Awakening or awakening itself is basically a process when a devil fruit user is able to use all the power or use the full power of the devil fruit they have. Then, the next question is how do devil fruit users awaken their powers?

We still don’t know how the exact mechanism of the devil fruit is. This means that we don’t even know what stages devil fruit users have to go through before they can awaken their devil fruit abilities. So there is no definite explanation regarding the resurrection of the devil fruit. However, yesterday’s chapter 1047 might give us a clear clue about this.

Requirements for Awakening Devil Fruits

In that chapter, Kaido was still surprised by Luffy’s drastic change, after previously Luffy was unconscious due to his attack. After a while, and seeing what happened to Luffy, Kaido finally realized that Luffy had managed to awaken the devil fruit power that was within him and used his full potential.

Kaido also mentioned that awakening is something extraordinary, especially if you then see the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit power. And Kaido also mentioned that when the body, soul, and mind are united and in line with his devil fruit, the devil fruit user can use the full potential of his devil fruit, as we can see from Luffy’s figure now.

This is interesting because one of the Gorosei even said that devil fruits, especially Zoan devil fruits, have their own mindset or way of thinking. In other words, the devil fruit is able to think independently. This is what they think is the reason why world governments always fail to take the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, Model: Nika.

One of the reasons why Luffy was finally able to awaken his devil fruit power is because Luffy’s determination is in line with the devil fruit, which is to free the residents of Wano from suffering. In his speculation, the soul or spirit of Nika’s figure was finally passed on to Luffy’s figure through the devil fruit.

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Nika is a figure who often frees slaves. Luffy is a figure who wants to create a world free from the shackles that bind, so that everything is equal and in line. So it makes sense if then Luffy is able to awaken the power of the devil fruit. Because indeed the mind, soul, and body have synergized with each other with the devil fruit.

How Other Users

Referring to what Kaido said, the question then how about other users? Does it mean that those who have awakened their devil fruit have evil thoughts like their devil fruit? This of course still needs a more detailed explanation from Oda Sensei. However, that is likely not what is meant by uniting soul, mind, and body with a devil fruit.

As mentioned above, everything goes hand in hand in harmony. That is, no matter what the devil fruit user’s intentions are they must unite everything in order to awaken the devil fruit. Although the length of possession of a devil fruit may not have a big impact, this can be a factor.

So, it’s not easy to be able to resurrect a devil fruit. Because, it requires quite heavy requirements for them to be able to do it. This is probably the reason why not many people have succeeded in awakening their devil fruit. What do you think geeks, do you agree with this?

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