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One Piece: The 5 Dead Clan D!

Geeks are certainly familiar with the letter “D” in the middle of the names of several characters in the One Piece series. The main character, Luffy, also has that name. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the series until now, Eiichiro Oda has never revealed what the name “D” stands for or means. In the manga there is also no story or arc that explains the meaning or extension of this “D”.

This is what makes fans curious to this day. Talking about the D clan, there are many theories related to it. Even though until now there have been many characters who came up with the name “D.” in the middle, but there were also several characters from the D clan who had already died. Anyone?

Jaguar D. Saul

Jaguar D. Saul is a giant and former vice-admiral of the navy, where he became the protector of the people of Ohara. Saul appears in a flashback moment of Nico Robin in the Enies Lobby arc. Jaguar D. Saul himself is one of the most influential people in Robin’s life. Saul was the first person, apart from the Ohara archaeologists, to befriend Robin.

With his position as a vice admiral and his strength as a giant, it was enough proof that he was a strong figure. Saul himself was the one who protected Robin from the naval attack that invaded Ohara. Before his death, Saul had said that Robin would find friends who would protect him and would live with him one day.

Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger is one of the most powerful legendary characters in the One Piece series. Roger’s power level is very powerful, where he can match the power of Whitebeard. Roger is also very famous for the extraordinary power of Haki. Roger became the king of pirates, and was famous for his incredible strength without using any Devil Fruit powers.

Unfortunately, Roger died when he decided to end his adventure as a pirate. At that time, Roger was sentenced to death by the Marines in front of everyone. Roger is a figure who has extraordinary determination. This determination seems to be starting to be passed on to new generations, including Luffy.

Portgas D Ace

Whitebeard’s death did make his entire crew shocked and saddened, but another more shocking death in the events at Marineford was the killing of Ace by Sakazuki. When Luffy managed to save Ace, they also had time to finish off some of the naval forces. However, Sakazuki saw an opportunity to finish off Ace by aiming for Luffy’s life.

Ace is the hope that Roger hopes for and looks forward to after his adventure to Laugh Tale turns out to be too soon. Roger had hoped that his son could continue what he could not achieve. However, in fact Ace also turned out to be not the figure Roger was waiting for. The figure that Roger was waiting for turned out to be Monkey D. Luffy.

Portgas D. Rogue

Portgas D. Rogue is the mother of Ace and the wife of Gol D. Roger. If you compare the figure of Rogue with other characters who are part of the D clan, Rogue is the only character and the D clan that is known to have no relationship whatsoever in the big story in the One Piece series. The only big thing Rogue does is give birth to Ace. In the story, Rogue must contain Ace until it exceeds the normal limits of pregnant women. This is to avoid suspicion from the navy.

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Rocks D. Xebec

Rock D. Xebec is a very powerful pirate, and all pirates are afraid of Rocks. Rocks had started sailing the oceans long before Roger’s era. He is a pirate who formed the Rocks pirates and is the leader of Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom and the other pirates.

Seeing Rocks managed to unite Kaido, Big Mom and Whitebeard in one flag, it seems that he is indeed very strong and extraordinary. Rocks himself then had to die at the hands of Garp and Roger, in the events of God Valley. However, what actually happened in these events and how the Rocks later lost is still a big mystery.

So far, there have been approximately 10 characters that have the name D in the middle. Although most of these characters are pirates, there are also some of them who are navy. The role of the D clan in the world of One Piece is still a mystery. There must be a reason why they became enemies of the World Government and needed to be destroyed.

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