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One Piece: This is Roger’s Devil Fruit Status!

The name Gol D. Roger is certainly not a foreign name for fans of the One Piece series. He is the pirate king, the first person to reach the last island, Laugh Tale, in the last 800 years. Thanks to his success, Roger got a lot of things in his life. Popularity, wealth, influence, and so on.

Even so, the One Piece series and Oda Sensei itself still keep many secrets related to Roger’s figure. Including one of them is about the power of the devil fruit. As geeks already know, the majority of characters in the world of One Piece have powerful powers that come from devil fruits. Based on this, fans are curious whether Roger has the power of a devil fruit.

The speculation arose because of the “suspicion” of the fans how Roger could move smoothly in the face of various obstacles. And in the end, he made it to the last island. However, it seems that the fans’ big questions were finally answered in chapter 1047 yesterday. In fact, what appeared in the chapter shook this fandom a lot.

In the chapter we saw how Luffy is still fighting against Kaido. Kaido was really surprised and also couldn’t believe the new power shown by Luffy. This new power can appear after Luffy managed to awaken his devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. Despite this, Kaido still doesn’t believe that Luffy will be able to conquer the ocean.

Kaido even gave an example of Roger’s figure to prove what he said. And interestingly, in that conversation Kaido also revealed the status of Roger’s devil fruit. According to Kaido, Gol D. Roger, the pirate king, has absolutely no devil fruit powers.

Haki Mastery

Then, where does Roger’s power come from so that he can become the figure of the pirate king? Kaido then explained that everything he had achieved, including becoming the pirate king, was the result of his own efforts. In addition, according to Kaido, Roger does not rely on the power of the devil fruit but the mastery of Haki.

With Kaido finally providing information about Roger’s devil fruit status, he finally refuted various theories that existed among fans. Many of the theories that have developed among fans say that it could be that Roger is the owner of devil fruit powers or has ever had devil fruit powers. The devil fruit that has appeared in Roger’s theory is Mera Mera, Kobu Kobu, or Ope Ope.

There is also a theory that Roger was a previous user of Nika’s devil fruit power. That might explain a few things. For example, why then Shanks and the World Government are so after his devil fruit. The theory proves to be interesting, but in fact it is not proven.

In addition, there is also a theory that says that Roger is the owner of a devil fruit that can control the weather. Thus, this is the cause of Roger’s victory in the Edd War event when he fought against Shiki the Golden Lion. At that time, Roger managed to win thanks to the help of the weather. This is what later became the basis of the theory.

Could Roger Have a Devil Fruit?

Even though Kaido finally revealed the status of Roger’s devil fruit, which he doesn’t have, there are also reasons that Roger might have devil fruit powers. One of them is maybe this is the reason why any of Roger’s fights never appear in full in the story. Oda often does this.

Oda Sensei usually deliberately hides a person’s strength or ability – or other information – until the time is deemed appropriate to reveal the information. The most recent example is about Luffy’s devil fruit, where so far we know the devil fruit as Gomu Gomu. However, in fact the devil fruit is called Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

Stronger Haki Power?

The fact that one of the strongest characters in the series doesn’t have the power of a devil fruit changes things that already exist in the story. The biggest change, of course, is how we see the power of Haki. Previously, many thought that the devil fruit was the biggest source of power in the series.

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Meanwhile, Haki is the number two source of power. However, the emergence of confirmation of Roger’s strength actually changed this. This fact also changes the power dynamics of the characters that appear in the story. For example, many fans have questioned the fate of the Straw Hat crew who do not have devil fruit powers.

With this fact, we can conclude that they too can get stronger without the need for devil fruit powers. Throughout the One Piece series itself, actually Oda has presented several examples of great and strong characters who don’t have devil fruit powers. For example, Dracule Mihawk, Silvers Rayleigh, or even Monkey D. Garp.

The three characters are truly extraordinary by only relying on their abilities and physical strength that they have trained, without the power of devil fruit. So, in conclusion, devil fruit is no longer the number one source of power in the world of One Piece. With the mastery of Haki, one can conquer the world as Gol D. Roger did.

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