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One Piece: Zoro Finally Surpasses Oden?

The Wano Country Arc is still ongoing today. And it looks like the story itself is still not finished anytime soon. Currently, the battle in Onigashima is at the climax of the story. The situation in Onigashima had calmed down quite a bit after Raizo managed to extinguish the fire that grabbed Kaido’s castle and burned most of the buildings.

However, the most epic of course is how we see how all the higher-ups, whether in the Big Mom pirate group or the Beast pirate group, have been defeated. One of them is King, who was defeated by Roronoa Zoro in an epic and extraordinary battle. Even so, it is not easy for Zoro to be able to win from King.

This is evident from Zoro who was overwhelmed in the fight. However, many fans said that Zoro would succeed in defeating King and in the end, the fans’ predictions proved correct. What’s interesting is that fans predict that the fight against King will be a means of proving that Zoro is able to surpass Kozuki Oden.

Based on the various clues presented earlier, it seems that it is indeed proven. First, in terms of strength. In one moment it is shown how Kaido and Big Mom do a combination attack. They both launched a very powerful attack. What’s interesting is that Zoro managed to withstand the attack, even if only for a moment.

This combination attack is considered more powerful than any attack Oden has ever received in his life, an example is Roger’s Kamusari technique. Even though in chapter 1033 yesterday, Zoro said that he was still a little weak, but in the end Zoro got up and put all his might.

Second, Zoro is believed to surpass Kozuki Oden when he can actually control Enma’s sword, Oden’s sword which is now in Zoro’s hands. In chapter 1033 yesterday, we got an explanation of the sword and its connection with the owner and maker.

Swordmakers – such as Shimotsuki Kozaburo and Tenguyama – make a sword with two hopes. First, according to its purpose, the sword must be able to take the lives of as many people as possible and the user of the sword must be able to make his sword turn into a black sword.

In that way, the destiny and purpose of the sword maker will be fulfilled. Oden is the only person who is known to have managed to control Enma, although it takes a long time.

With this long time, Oden began to understand Enma and was able to control it, so he could find loopholes so that no negative effects would appear when using it. In yesterday’s chapter 1033, we saw how all this time – during the battle – Zoro always kept his Ruler Haki from being fully used.

However, that was not something Enma wanted. Enma himself wants Zoro to use his Ruler Haki to the full, because that’s the way that can be used to master Enma. The simple concept is that Enma will give an incredibly powerful effect, on the condition that the user must be willing to let Enma absorb a lot of Haki.

As shown in the flashback of his story, Kozuki Oden never hesitated to deploy Ruler Haki or Weapon Haki in large numbers. In fact, even when he joined Roger and Whitebeard’s crew, Oden was considered equal to the other Yonko commanders – almost equal to the two of them.

Even so, one thing that Oden does not have is complete control over Enma. It should be noted that Oden can indeed control Enma’s sword, but he has never really mastered Enma even though he has had Enma for a long time. That was the reason why Enma’s sword – and Ame no Habakiri – was not part of the black sword like Yoru or Shusui.

However, what’s interesting is that even though Zoro only has less time than Oden, Zoro is already able to understand what Enma wants and he can adapt quickly. By mastering Enma completely, Zoro will be able to fulfill his promise to Luffy to be the best. Zoro will be able to do it, and when that happens it means Zoro has already surpassed the figure of Kozuki Oden.

During the Zou arc, Zoro stated that he would make the Wano samurai follow in his footsteps. So far, people are quite amazed and respectful towards Zoro for his abilities and strength. Not to mention how he was able to subdue Enma. Zoro himself was humiliated and made fun of because he said he had fought against Ryuma – even though it was only a zombie. Maybe their reactions will change after the battle at Wano which proves Zoro’s strength level is far above Oden.

So, in conclusion, with Zoro having succeeded in defeating his current strongest enemy, King, providing evidence that Zoro is indeed a figure who has surpassed Kozuki Oden’s figure. Zoro was able to understand Enma in a short time and was able to withstand the attacks of the two strongest Yonko. This is a testament to the tremendous development of Zoro’s character. Of course, it will be interesting to see how far Zoro will develop in the series.

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