Opinion: early drop in Copinha shows Lusa still fragile at the base

Opinion: early drop in Copinha shows Lusa still fragile at the base

Historically known for its stamina in the base groups as well as having actually been champion twice, in 1991 and also 2002, Portuguesa always starts the Sao Paulo Junior Football Cup bordered by expectations and additionally requires forever projects.

In 2023, both needs and expectations were higher as a result of Lusa’s efficiency in the last version of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-20. The red-green group reached the semifinal, unusual opponents with much more framework.

The group led by trainer Alan Dotti went through Sao Paulo in the team stages, knocked senseless the multi-champion of the Palmeiras category in the quarterfinals in the middle of Allianz Parque and also only quit at Santos, which would end up going to the final and also being the state champ.

Portuguesa had deficient past the group phase of the Campeonato Paulista Sub-20 for some time and showed, for the 2nd successive tournament, the capacity of the technical commission to construct the squad on the eve of the launching and make it affordable with the sphere rolling.

It had currently resembled this in the previous Copinha. Alan Dotti had actually shown up in November, carried out professional athlete assessments in December, trained for a few days as well as made the team fit throughout the very first stage. Lusa passed Avaí in the first knockout as well as offered the removal to the well-off Internacional in the 2nd.

In 2022, over the campaigns and months, the category gained strength. It had its very own supervisor, previous gamer Eduardo Ferreira, as well as the coaching team was broadened, for instance, with former defender Cesar as an assistant.

The 2023 Sao Paulo Cup would be the initial for a Portuguese team that was currently more structured outside the pitch as well as with a stronger team, after two years of a pandemic without a base. For all this, the assumption and demand ended up being greater.

Lusa came under Group 1, headquartered in the city of Tanabi, which is about 500 kilometres from the resources of Sao Paulo. In addition to the host Tanabi, Real Ariquemes, from Rondônia, and Náutico, from Pernambuco, would compete in the very first stage with the Caninde club.

The debut, against Tanabi, was a defeat: 2 to 1. Portuguesa starred in a drowsy and tactically messy very first half, but managed to rating. In the second phase, when he was slightly far better, he took the turn in 2 minutes.

The following game, against Náutico, showed an extra connected Lusa as well as likewise a bit a lot more organized. Alan Dotti altered the team and also assembled a much more strong defense, which suffered much less risk. The 2-0 success eased, however did not thrill.

The large choice, properly called by the trainer “early knockout”, would protest Real Ariquemes. Portuguesa would certainly progress to the 2nd phase with a draw, however had maybe the worst game. Harmless as well as apathetic, lost 2-0.

Seeing Tanabi development with 3 wins as well as Real Ariquemes pass along with 2 triumphs, Lusa and also Náutico were on the method. In the Red-Green situation, a drop not anticipated also by the most pessimistic wing of the group. Not in the initial stage.

What was seen was a fragile Lusa defensively and with a lot of problem in the shift, either by the sides of the area or in the center. The balls, when they got to the assault, did not discover a finisher. The problem, as you can see, was general.

The explanation for this, at least in substantial part, originates from an aspect that can not be neglected when tracing the timeline of this group: Alan Dotti shed the primary highlights between the 2022 Paulistao U-20 and the 2023 Cup.

The striking midfielder Wevysther, nicknamed Mineiro, did not renew his agreement. He was old sufficient to complete in simply another Sao Paulo Cup and also it was already understood that he would not be capitalized on by the technological commission of the professional group, led by Mazola Junior.

Midfielder Misael, recognized as Caminhoneiro, renewed the bond. The same happened with the state’s leading marker, Luccas Paraizo, that had actually scored 22 goals in 25 games.

Any person who came with Portuguesa in the Paulista Under-20 Championship competition knows that defense has always been the weak point. As fragile as it remained in this Cup. The strong point was from the middle to the front, industries in which the group lost the primary highlights.

Even generating a few other children, Alan Dotti as well as his compensation were not able to elevate the high quality of the defense or make the attack work after many losses. It’s the 2022 group, but without the main athletes. It is not yet the 2023 team.

Could Wevysther have been kept? Perhaps, however it also depends on agreement planning, without professionalizing. Misael and also Paraizo would have raised the high quality of this group? Absolutely. Would certainly they suffice to take the group that much? Tough to say.

Should Not Misael and also Paraizo have stuck with the pros? Taking into consideration that Paulistao starts following weekend, which this championship is the real concern of the year for Portuguesa, what was done seems fairly affordable.

Lusa spends for not having various other classifications, such as under-15 and also under-17, promised by President Antônio Carlos Castanheira considering that 2020. It is unable to quickly change as well as make the transition with the all-natural promotion of highlights. Restructuring is still fragile.

The project in the Copinha was terrible as well as, even in the face of these last minute losses, falling in the first stage with an already structured team is not acceptable. It doesn’t make Alan Dotti unable, the under-20 in pointless, the restructuring in bad.

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