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Spider-Man 4 | Sony boss brings news about the sequel with Tom Holland

Sony Pictures and Marvel have had a lot to celebrate since the release of Spider-Man: No Return Home. The film broke box office records in a period still of concern about the pandemic, and became the sixth biggest film in the history of cinema in terms of revenue, totaling US$1.89 billion worldwide and a total net income of US$610 million.

Now everyone wants to know what the future holds for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and Sony president Tom Rothman has provided some updates. In an interview with deadlinehe commented that he is proud of the work that the studio has done during the pandemic, but stressed that, in the future, they will make some movies for streaming, justifying that “this is a viable ecosystem now”.

Commenting that Sony hopes to work on the next Spider-Man movie soon, Rothman was asked if Tom Holland, Zendaya and director Jon Watss would be on board, and he replied:

“The whole group, we wait. Then there are movies that I would call adjuncts to the Spider-Man universe. That is, Kraven, which we’re filming right now, and Madame Web, which we’ll start in the spring with SJ Clarkson directing. And then there are a lot of Marvel characters that are independent.”

He went on to extol Sony’s franchises outside of the Spider-Man universe:

“When I took over Sony, it was said, oh, Sony doesn’t have franchises. Is not true. In fact, we already had fantastic franchises. We just needed to focus on that. We had Jumanji, Bad Boys, Uncharted. Ghostbusters, another example. Just before I got here, they took a turn down a road that didn’t go very well. But because of Jason Reitman and his relationship with Ivan, may he rest in peace, we were able to resurrect that into tremendous success, both in theaters and in home entertainment.”

Based on Tom Rothman’s comments, we can expect Sony to bring back Jon Watts and Zendaya to Spiderman 4. Clearly, the two are quite busy with their own projects, with the recent Watts’ entry into a new Star Wars series for Disney+while Zendaya is one of the most in-demand actresses in the world right now.

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