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Spy X Family Episode 7 Spoiler: Anya’s Next Step!

So far, Operation Strix hasn’t been very smooth. Even so, at least the covert operation flourished. In the first four episodes of the Spy x Family anime series, Loid manages to carry out two steps of his mission. The first is to build a family and the second is to make Anya a student of Eden Academy. The next step is to approach the main target, namely Desmond Donovan.

There are two ways to achieve this mission. The first is by obtaining the title of Imperial Scholar. Unfortunately, Loid himself is already pessimistic about this because Anya is not very smart. The second way is to approach Desmond’s son, Damian. Anya then gets her biggest mission, which is to befriend Damian. But unfortunately, the first mission from Anya did not go according to plan.

Yesterday’s Episode 6 we finally saw Anya’s first day at school. The entire Forger family appears at Eden Academy for the new student acceptance ceremony. However, another unexpected situation emerged, this time even involving Damian’s figure. Damian and Anya seemed to be communicating with each other, to the point where Damian made Anya angry. When the timing was right – when Mr. Henderson didn’t see the kids on the class tour – Anya smacked Damian in the face.

Seeing Anya and Damian’s commotion made Mr. Henderson ask what happened. Although at first Anya dodged that nothing had happened, then Anya accidentally defended Becky. Anya also reasoned that what she did was to avenge Damian’s actions. Finally, Henderson gave punishment to Anya.

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The punishment made Loid feel that his chances of completing Operation Strix were slim. In episode 7 we see Anya’s attempt to fix her mistake. Anya realizes that her mistake could hinder her father’s plans. Anya tried to apologize to Damian. Unfortunately, Becky forbids Anya to do that. What will happen to Anya and Damian?

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