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Suicide Team Director Reveals What’s Required to Total the Ayer Cut

Director David Ayer describes what requirements to be performed in order to finish his cut of Suicide Team, whose theatrical release was greatly slammed.

For a very long time now, fans of the previous DC Extended Universe have actually required the conclusion of director David Ayer’s cut of Suicide Team. The filmmaker just recently discussed what requires to be performed in order to bring his initial vision for the movie to life.

When inquired about whether Ayer would reshoot scenes or redesign characters, he discussed on social networks that there were no requirement for reshoots. In reality, the only work required for his variation of Suicide Team referred to visual results.


The filmmaker formerly slammed Warner Bros. and the theatrical release of Suicide Team, recommending studio disturbance led to the most greatly berated elements of the movie. “I put my life into Suicide Squad,” Ayer stated. “I made something amazing – My cut is [an] intricate and emotional journey with some ‘bad people’ who are shit on and discarded (a theme that resonates in my soul). The studio cut is not my movie. Read that again.”

He went on to state, “[My] cut is not the 10 week director’s cut… It’s a fully mature edit by Lee Smith standing on the [incredible] work by John Gilroy. It’s all Steven Price’s brilliant score, with not a single radio song in the whole thing. It has traditional character arcs, amazing performances, a solid 3rd act resolution. A handful of people have seen it. If someone says they have seen it, they haven’t.”

According to reports, Ayer almost finished his cut of the movie back in 2016, however the studio required reshoots and re-editing in post-production owing to the reception of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner Bros. wished to move the tone of Suicide Team and turn the movie in a more easy going affair. As an outcome, various modifications were made to the occasions and characters, such as star Jared Leto’s Joker. Ayer has actually discussed on various celebrations that Leto’s function was considerably decreased.

In 2020, Ayer specified, “I find it incredible it’s still such a topic 5 years later. My heart breaks for Jared – he did magnificent work. Most of it remains unseen.” While it doubts how considerable the Joker’s function was initially going to be, Ayer has actually launched a variety of behind-the-scenes images and erased clips from his variation of the movie, meaning participation dramatically various from the Clown Prince of Criminal activity seen in theaters.

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