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The 10 Greatest Characters Scarlet Witch Has Actually Beat In The Comics

An increasing star in the MCU, the Scarlet Witch is among Marvel Comics most unstable heroes. She’s beat gods, beasts, and heroes alike.

With her current look as the main bad guy of Marvel Studios’ latest movie, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Insanity, Marvel fans are buzzing about the Scarlet Witch. As the movie continually shows, the Scarlet Witch is among Marvel’s most effective magic users.

With an unsteady grip over her almost unmanageable turmoil magic, Scarlet Witch is unforeseeable and, even when her intents are great, exceptionally harmful. With this effective and in some cases unmanageable set of powers, the Scarlet Witch has actually beat a few of the most effective beings in the Marvel Comics universe, strengthening her status as a force to be considered.


10 The Scarlet Witch Beat The Avengers In Avengers Disassembled

Though she is an Avenger herself, the Scarlet Witch has actually had more than a couple of head-to-head encounters with her fellow colleagues. Although none of these fights was as extreme as when she solitarily beat the Avengers’ whole lineup. In Avengers Disassembled after the Wasp made a distressing remark about parenting to Wanda, she appeared to lose control.

Still troubled, the Scarlet Witch was approached by Doctor Doom, who provided to make her the avatar of deep space’s magical Vital force – an energetic force efficient in complicated developments. Seeing a chance to reanimate her dead kids, the Scarlet Witch accepted his deal, however under the Force’s impact, she surreptitiously assaulted her colleagues. In among the story’s darkest moments, the Scarlet Witch reanimated the departed Jack of Hearts and detonated him like a bomb in the Avengers Estate, eliminating Ant-Man and hospitalizing a number of other Avengers.

9 The Scarlet Witch Bested Kang The Conqueror

As Marvel Studios just recently teased in the Loki Disney+ series, the next Thanos-level bad guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the time tourist, Kang The Conqueror. As a dazzling person with top-tier future innovation, Kang takes a trip throughout time and controls history in his favor.

In Avengers West Coast Vol 2 #56, Immortus, among Kang’s lots of versions, went to terrific lengths to get the powers of the Scarlet Witch. Releasing herself from Kang’s control, with Agatha Harkness’s aid, the Scarlet Witch resisted and beat this reality-manipulating Immortus, causing his entrapment by the time-keepers.

8 The Scarlet Witch Dealt With Rogue To Outmaneuver Quicksilver

Though they are twins, the Scarlet Witch’s and Quicksilver’s opposing philosophical beliefs frequently place them at chances. With powers like very speed, superhuman reflexes, sped up intelligence, and battle abilities trained by Captain America, Quicksilver is among the most harmful mutants in Marvel.

In X-Men Permanently, Vol 2, #5, when a wicked clone of Storm takes control of Wakanda, a mad Quicksilver looked for the Scarlet Witch in the Wakandan Palace. Seeing a hurt Scarlet Witch pushing the flooring, Quicksilver worried and went to assist his sis. Nevertheless, Rogue and the Scarlet Witch had actually prepared this as a trap for the speedster. The energy-draining mutant snuck up and took Quicksilver’s powers and awareness.

7 The Scarlet Witch Beat Storm In Exiles

An effective mutant with weather condition control powers, Storm is among the most effective members of the X-Men. With a psychic link to Earth, Storm has the power to manage all types of weather condition and, on a number of celebrations, has even regulated whole environments on both Earth and other worlds.

Helping the Exiles in Exiles Vol 2, #24, Storm and the Exiles wind up on Earth-42777, an alternate truth where Tony Stark monopolized the world’s economy and began a full-blown war in between human beings and mutants. Responding to an unexpected attack from Storm and the Exiles, the Scarlet Witch released a blast of turmoil magic, immediately taking Storm out of the battle.

6 The Scarlet Witch Had A Legendary Fight With Thor

As 2 of the most effective members of the Avengers, Scarlet Witch vs. Thor is something fans continuously argument. Wanda is the supreme wielder of turmoil magic and Thor is a god efficient in managing thunder and lightning, so it’s simple to see why this argument is hot.

In Uncanny Avengers #4, while trying to separate a dispute, Thor is had by the Red Skull. Under the Red Skull’s control, Thor assaulted the Scarlet Witch with thunderbolts. After a short series of backward and forward attacks, the Scarlet Witch sinks into a hypnotic trance, introducing a huge turmoil energy attack from below Thor, sending him into the sky and sending him dropping back to earth.

5 The Scarlet Witch Overwhelmed Jean Grey

No complete strangers to combating one another, Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey have actually taken on more than a couple of times. Among the most effective and unforeseeable mutants in Marvel, Jean Grey is a telepath with capabilities like mind control, character modification, and total psychological sedation of her opponents.

In X-Men Permanently Vol 2, throughout the formerly pointed out arc about Storm’s clone’s conquest of Wakanda, the Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey satisfied in an intense fight in the Wakandan skies. With Scarlet Witch’s powers growing unpredictably, Wanda’s increased power overwhelmed Jean up until she caught the damage, taking her out of the dispute completely.

4 The Scarlet Witch’s Reality-Warping Powers Were Excessive For Magneto

Fans of the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, may not understand that in the comics the Scarlet Witch was as soon as the child of among the most infamous mutants in Marvel, Magneto. A crucial figure in her life, Magneto’s actions have actually affected the Scarlet Witch’s life, frequently forming her viewpoint on mutant disputes.

Among Marvel’s most effective bad guys, Magneto can control all types of metal. In the past, Magneto has actually been understood to carry out amazing tasks with his powers, even raising thousand-ton bridges into the air. The Scarlet Witch and Magneto disagreed lot of times, leading to a fight in Avengers and X-Men: Axis. In the battle, the Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering powers were excessive for Magneto to manage.

3 The Scarlet Witch Battled Herself In Great 4Scarlet Witch Fights Herself

As one of the most effective magic users in Marvel, alternate variations of the Scarlet Witch constantly represent a possible risk. In Great 4 #645, after many dimensional rifts opened worldwide, darker variations of the Avengers rapidly funnelled out. Amongst these dark doppelgangers was a somewhat less effective variation of 616 Scarlet Witch. In the comic, after a part of the Avengers lineup signed up with the battle, the Scarlet Witch rapidly discovered her darker self.

In a fast however extreme fight, 616 the Scarlet Witch strikes her darker self with an effective blast of turmoil magic, immediately knocking the alternate on her back. Though the darker variation of the Scarlet Witch was somewhat less effective, getting any variation of this Avenger needs severe power.

2 The Scarlet Witch Bested Dormammu In Giant-Sized Avengers

Among the most effective entities in all of Marvel, Dormammu, ruler of the dark measurement, is an inter-dimensional being who wields enormous supernatural power. Perhaps the most effective bad guy in Doctor Strange’s rogue’s gallery, Dormammu is a top-level risk to any magic user in Marvel.

In Giant-Sized Avengers #4, after kidnapping the Scarlet Witch and trapping her inside the Dark Measurement, Dormammu rapidly drew the attention of Vision and many other Avengers. After getting into the Dark Measurement, Vision handled to release the Scarlet Witch from her binds, permitting the 2 to pursue Dormammu. In a remarkably fast battle, Scarlet Witch and Vision beat Dormammu and his sis, Umar.

1 Chthon Is The Scarlet Witch’s Developer

As the God of Turmoil, Chthon is mostly accountable for developing the Scarlet Witch. The Senior Citizen God of Turmoil Magic, Chthon rules the Turmoil World and manages every element of its truth. Picking the Scarlet Witch as his avatar, Chthon tried to mold the Scarlet Witch into a perfect vessel for him to go back to the living world.

In “Darkhold Omega,” understanding she should stop Chthon, the Scarlet Witch took a trip to the Dark Measurement. Merging with the book of black magic referred to as The Darkhold, the Scarlet Witch was given the enormous power required to stop Chthon. In an impressive fight, she handled Chthon, beating and amazingly sealing the Turmoil God into the Darkhold.

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