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The 10 Worst Features Of Genshin Effect

While Genshin Effect has actually had frustrating success, there are locations where it seems like the gacha video game has a hard time to discover its footing.

Mihoyo, now branded Hoyoverse, has actually made rather the name on their own given that the release and success of Genshin Effect. They were currently reasonably widely known within the world of gacha video gaming with their title Honkai Effect 3rd, however it was Genshin that moved them into the mainstream. Nowadays, even people who are entirely not familiar with gacha games — or those who try to prevent the category completely for numerous factors — have actually at least become aware of Hoyoverse and their open-world title.

Genshin Effect has actually had frustrating success; there are a lots of things that it succeeds to keep gamers engaged and returning for each brand-new banner or occasion. Nevertheless, no video game can be best, and there are locations where it seems like Genshin has a hard time to discover its footing.


10 Primogem Gains Grind To A Stop In The Late Video Game

It’s obvious that a person of the greatest draws of gacha games, Genshin consisted of, is the gacha system itself, together with the characters and weapons that can be gotten from it. Viewing as how Genshin is among the highest-generating earnings gacha games of perpetuity, fans may believe that they’re generous with how much complimentary currency they provide to gamers. Nevertheless, this could not be even more from the case.

The only genuine sources of Primogems that F2P endgame gamers can dependably anticipate are Spiral Void resets, brand-new occasions, and brand-new expedition updates, as these usually consist of chests to discover. This does not amount to a lot and leaves numerous Genshin gamers having a hard time to pull systems they desire in time.

9 New Players Are Locked Out Of Structure Newer Units


Yae Miko from Genshin Impact.

Think of that a brand-new gamer sees an ad for Genshin throughout the release of Yae Miko’s banner. They right away fall for her style and how she plays, so they download the video game and invest a lots of time guaranteeing they handle to pull her prior to she disappears.

Then, the brand-new gamer understands that they can’t rise her due to the fact that they do not have access to her products that are just readily available in Inazuma. They now need to play through the whole of Genshin’s present story — and raise their Experience Rank appropriately — prior to they can even utilize the system they set up the video game for, which suffices to trigger some gamers to give up.

8 Artifacts Are Locked Behind Both Time & RNG

Genshin’s artifact system looks easy on the surface area, however for any gamers who have actually attempted — and stopped working lot of times — to roll the ideal statistics on their primary DPS artifacts, they understand how agonizing it can be. This is because of a mix of 2 different problems with Genshin’s artifact system.

For one, gamers need to invest resin on artifact farming, with a fully-charged bar providing just 8 efforts. Then, gamers require to roll not just the proper piece, however the proper main-stat, all the best sub-stats, and after that have those sub-stats roll properly. Without exaggeration, it can take months or perhaps longer for Genshin gamers to get a 100% best piece for a character.

7 Cutscenes & Story Discussion Are Entirely Unskippable

Genshin’s story isn’t bad by any methods, and its high moments can feel exceptionally cinematic and unforgettable. Nevertheless, not all gamers get gacha games in order to be completely immersed in a long, anime-like story, and most games do supply ways for these kinds of gamers to avoid cutscenes totally.

Nevertheless, skippable cutscenes are no place to be discovered within Genshin. Even if Hoyoverse didn’t desire gamers avoiding the top quality cutscenes they produce big story beats, they might a minimum of let gamers avoid little discussion interactions with anonymous NPCs that do not wind up affecting the bigger plot. It leads to numerous gamers delaying or passing up some side material completely due to not wishing to endure all the filler discussion.

6 Co-Op Is Exceptionally Underwhelming & Limited

For a video game that boasts expedition and experience, there’s barely any of that readily available for gamers who attempt to use Genshin’s co-op function. It’s so minimal that it makes gamers question why Hoyoverse chose to include it whatsoever.

Whenever somebody hosts and permits other Genshin gamers to join their world, they compromise the capability to communicate with almost any NPC in the video game. If a gamer wishes to kip down a mission or get a little shopping done, they need to wait up until all gamers are solo-connected back onto their own worlds. Even the primary material that gamers can do together — cleaning domains — fails when most gamers’ solo structures are more powerful than a random group of 4.

5 Occasions Present Lengthy Character Tradition & New Locations — Then Take Them Away

Genshin has actually had some exceptionally strong, lore-focused occasions given that its release. A few of the significant ones are Fischl and Albedo’s tradition occasions in addition to the whole of the Golden Apple Island chain, which likewise presented a completely different location to check out.

Nevertheless, after the occasion durations are over, all of these things are eliminated without any method to access them once again. There’s not even a function to see previous occasion cutscenes, which implies more recent Genshin gamers are losing out on a lots of tradition unless they look it up somewhere else or await the hope of a possible rerun.

4 Constellations Can Break Character Synergies & Can’t Be Shut Off

The reality that constellations can break Genshin character synergies — which this function can’t be handicapped — just uses to a single constellation for a single character, however it’s still sufficient of a problem that it’s been commonly grumbled about by the bigger Genshin neighborhood.

Bennett’s Constellation 6 grants a 15% Pyro Damage bonus offer and instills the weapons of anybody in his supreme’s circle to Pyro. While this may not seem like an instant unfavorable, the Pyro infusion implies that Elemental Responses are eliminated for any melee users. This is something the Genshin neighborhood has actually been singing about given that the start, and there’s still no chance to toggle constellations.

3 There Are Still Less Than A Handful Of Overall Character Skins Available

Skins are among the greatest ways that gacha games have the ability to get cash out of gamers — aside from investing to draw in the gacha itself. For numerous, paying $10 or $15 dollars occasionally for a beautiful alternate clothing on their preferred characters deserves it.

Nevertheless, regardless of being out for a year and a half currently, there are just an overall of 4 skins readily available in Genshin. If gamers desire skins for anybody besides Barbara, Jean, Ningguang, or Keqing, they’re sorely out of luck. In numerous games, it prevails for every single character to have at least a couple of skins for gamers to acquire or otherwise unlock.

2 The Benefits For Raising Gamer Experience Rank Are Absurd

Early on, the benefits for raising a gamer’s Experience Rank within Genshin Effect do not appear regrettable. Getting fifty primogems or a single summon appears appropriate in the early video game, particularly due to the fact that fans were under the presumption that these benefits would scale.

Nevertheless, the benefits do not scale and when this reality integrates with simply how long the last 10 ranks require to get, it makes the benefits feel more like Genshin is teasing the gamer. After investing months of hard-earned playtime to lastly reach limit rank, gamers just get 150 primogems and 3 Basic Banner wants out of it — not even sufficient for a single minimal pull.

1 The Sour Side Of The Neighborhood Is Unfortunately Extremely Singing

Every neighborhood has its less-than-pleasant members, and Genshin’s is no exception. Nevertheless, it seems like this specific neighborhood’s bad apples are particularly singing, to the point where some gamers have their experience messed up completely.

In a lot of cases, it’s as if Genshin gamers aren’t enabled to have their own viewpoints about a character. If somebody states they believe the brand-new top-tier system is “just okay” or not their individual playstyle, they’re most likely to get assaulted for doing so. Larger developers have actually even gotten death dangers — merely for mentioning that they do not like a specific character.

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