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The 10 Worst Things Obi-Wan Kenobi Has Actually Ever Done

Whether he understood it, Obi-Wan’s worst actions would pertain to choose the fate of the Republic and cause the supreme increase of the Empire.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi of famous prominence, and among the most popular and liked characters in the Star Wars universe. A character of extensive knowledge, ability in battle, and more than a little sass, Obi-Wan has actually captivated fans because his preliminary look on the cinema in 1977. In spite of his credibility among Star Wars fans, for every single kind deed Obi-Wan has actually carried out, he’s done something dreadful to match it.

Approved it’s hardly ever Obi-Wan’s fault, however due to his distance to Anakin throughout his life, Obi-Wan’s actions would pertain to choose the fate of the Republic and cause the supreme increase of the Empire. The Jedi redeems himself by the end of his story, assisting Obi-Wan’s tradition conquered its tainting errors.


10 That Time Obi-Wan Forgot He Might Run Quick

In The Phantom Hazard, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon fight Darth Maul in a legendary battle. Late in the fight, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are separated from each other. Qui-Gon is eventually eliminated by Darth Maul while Obi-Wan sees on the other side of a laser barrier. This death is an essential part of Obi-Wan’s advancement and results in him handling Anakin as a padawan. Nevertheless, regardless of how important the minute is, it might have been prevented. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon utilize the force to perform at super-speeds previously in the movie, so why could not Obi-Wan usage that to reach Qui-Gon and conserve his life?

9 Obi-Wan Deals With Anakin Like A Kid

After handling Anakin as his padawan, it was important that Obi-Wan taught the Chosen One whatever he understood and formed him into a real Jedi Master. While he never ever stopped working to reveal Anakin a great time on their experiences, Obi-Wan stopped working to be a sufficient master. He consistently put down Anakin and advised the apprentice of his inability and young age. Thinking about among the factors Anakin later on relied on Palpatine was due to the fact that Palpatine was the only one who didn’t treat him like a kid, it appeared Obi-Wan’s actions drove Anakin towards the dark side.

8 Obi-Wan Continues To Deal With Anakin Like A Kid On Mustafar

When Obi-Wan faces Anakin on Mustafar, he initially tries to talk with him. An affordable procedure, as Obi-Wan did not wish to eliminate his sibling. Nevertheless, where Obi-Wan stops working is that he continues to toss Anakin’s age in his face, makes it appear like Padme betrayed Anakin, and informs Anakin he is incorrect and lost. Naturally, challenging somebody by informing them they are incorrect, inferior, and individuals they enjoy betrayed them isn’t the perfect method to encourage somebody to go back to their previous ways.

7 He Informs Padme The Fact Of His Intents

When Obi-Wan pertains to Padme after Anakin joins the dark side, he approaches her in the hopes of getting her aid, so he can discover Anakin. The method Obi-Wan chooses to do this is by informing Padme he’s going to eliminate her hubby. While Padme consents to assist Obi-Wan and leads him to Mustafar, they do not agree on how to handle Anakin. Padme’s disturbance eventually results in her death throughout the birth of Luke and Leia. Padme’s rash decision-making remained in part due to her understanding that if she didn’t do anything, Obi-Wan would eliminate Anakin.

6 Obi-Wan Picks To Eliminate Anakin

The method of the Jedi preaches peace and mediation prior to violence. The Jedi’s very first function was constantly that of arbitrators and peacekeepers, with the position of Jedi General a relatively brand-new one that included the Clone Wars. As an outcome, Obi-Wan’s very first technique must have been mediation.

Nevertheless, audiences are revealed that even long prior to stepping foot on Mustafar and coming face to face with Anakin, his once-brother, Obi-Wan was currently devoted to eliminating him. For somebody who so greatly preaches the Light Side and the method of the Jedi, Obi-Wan has actually shown fast to desert them when it fits him.

5 Obi-Wan Cuts Anakin’s Legs Off And Leaves Him To Burn


Anakin promises to bring peace to the galaxy as he argues with Obi-Wan on Mustafar Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

At the end of Obi-Wan and Anakin’s fight, Obi-Wan takes the high ground. He cautions Anakin not to attack, however when Anakin does, Obi-Wan cuts off his legs and Anakin is up to the coast of the lava river they had actually been combating around. Instead of putting his sibling out of his anguish, Obi-Wan informs him he liked him and after that leaves him to burn while Anakin screams in discomfort. This was a definitely stunning, and honestly troubling choice on Obi-Wan’s part, and this error results in the birth of the scorched, warped cyborg Darth Vader of the initial trilogy.

4 Obi-Wan Made No Contact with Luke, Nor Tried To Hide Him

After Padme passes away in giving birth, Obi-Wan takes her 2 kids and conceals them throughout the galaxy. Padme’s child is settled with the Organa household on Alderaan, while the kid is left on Tattooine. Obi-Wan enters into concealing and supervises Anakin’s kid for 19 years. Thinking about the truth Obi-Wan didn’t trouble to alter Luke’s surname, Skywalker, it appeared Obi-Wan didn’t trouble correctly hiding him. Obi-Wan didn’t call him for the whole of those 19 years, regardless of Luke’s significance as the kid of the Chosen One. Obi-Wan just left Luke to his own life, regardless of understanding that his past would one day discover him, resulting in the occasions of A Brand-new Hope.

3 Obi-Wan Did Not Assist Luke Save His Household

After Luke discovers Obi-Wan and finds the fact about his past, they discover proof of a stormtrooper attack near Luke’s house. When Luke wishes to scamper to conserve his household, Obi-Wan stops him under the pretense that it’s too unsafe, as Luke was far too young and inexperienced.

Obi-Wan is a renowned Jedi Master, a General of the Clone Wars, and among the best Jedi warriors to ever live. Could he truly not battle a number of stormtroopers, even in his sophisticated age? There is little doubt Obi-Wan could, thinking about that within that time duration he beat Darth Maul.

2 He Keeps the Fact About Luke’s Household

Additionally, not just does Obi-Wan not assist safeguard Luke’s household, he stops working to inform Luke the fact about his genuine household. Obi-Wan never ever informs Luke about his sibling, which results in an exceptionally uncomfortable love subplot. Obi-Wan likewise stops working to inform Luke the fact about Darth Vader being Luke’s dad regardless of understanding that truth himself. Not just might this important info have actually made a huge distinction in cases of the initial trilogy, however there is no reason that Obi-Wan could not inform Luke this info.

1 Obi-Wan Simply Type Of Gave Up

As pointed out previously, Obi-Wan was a famous basic and warrior. As seen in other parts of the Star Wars universe, numerous Jedi continued the battle versus the Empire and aimed to keep the imagine a Republic alive. And yet, Obi-Wan would regret the death of the Republic and mention a more civilized age, however not does anything to bring it back himself. While his bros and siblings continue to crave years after the Empire returns, Obi-Wan enters into concealing on Tattooine and stops working to do anything of note till Luke discovers him. This choice brought repercussions that would permanently affect the legend of the Jedi General.

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