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The Best Composed Mech Anime Of Perpetuity

Mecha anime mesmerizes fans with its remarkable visuals and interesting devices, however the best series have extraordinary composing to back it up.

There is endless storytelling capacity in the anime market. The flexible and brave medium of animation has just end up being more enthusiastic gradually and it’s caused an abundance of material that caters towards every audience possible. The increased action that’s developed through the mecha category, where human beings pilot extraordinary devices in battle, has actually assisted it turn into one of the medium’s most popular series.

There are a broad series of mecha anime series that all have various top priorities, whether it’s the visuals, fight choreography, or mecha styles. Nevertheless, there are great deals of mecha anime where the writing is the series’ greatest property and leaves the best impression.


10 Neon Genesis Evangelion Checks Out The Void With Its Overbearing Armageddon

Neon Genesis Evangelion is among the more popular anime series to break through to the mainstream and get the attention of lots of audiences who may otherwise prevent the medium. Neon Genesis Evangelion definitely provides when it pertains to the mecha battle and the titular Evangelion can take on a few of the most special bad guys from any mecha series.

The genuine masterstroke of the series is how director Hideaki Anno channels his own anxiety and existential despair into the overwhelming armageddon that consumes its characters, especially the beleaguered lead character, Shinji Ikari. It’s years later on and there are still just a couple of anime that cut as deep as Neon Genesis Evangelion.

9 Mobile Fit Gundam: The 08th MS Group Is Mecha Storytelling Without The Theatrics

It’s difficult to discuss anime’s mecha category and not point out Mobile Fit Gundam in some capability. This respected mecha franchise has actually changed in crucial ways for many years, a lot of which focus on significant storytelling and complex characters over huge robotic theatrics.

Mobile Fit Gundam: The 08th MS Group from 1996 is method ahead of the curve in regards to informing a deeply grounded assessment of humankind that so occurs to exist within the Gundam universe. The 12-episode OVA takes a look at a harsh war for power where nobody encounters as a bad guy. The 08th MS Group highlights the casualties of war in such a way that wasn’t yet widespread in the Gundam franchise.

8 Gurren Lagann Is As Aesthetically Lovely As It Is Thoughtful And Reflective

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a spectacular mecha story of injustice that’s assembled by a lot of individuals who would go on to develop the animation studio, TRIGGER – their hallmark art design is definitely on display screen in Gurren Lagann. This series checks out a great deal of styles and characters that prevail in mecha series, however there’s an enthusiasm for all of it that shines through.

It’s likewise a series that isn’t scared to satirize itself and the mecha category as an entire when it pertains to the grand nature of the robotics that sustain this category. The supreme mecha in Gurren Lagann is actually the size of a universe, which develops rather a precedent.

7 Code Geass Is A Heartbreaking Check Out How Power Damages

Code Geass is among the more subversive anime series to come along from the previous years and it assisted lead the way for present series like Attack on Titan when it pertains to brave lead characters who are lowered dark courses. Code Geass makes widespread usage of mecha, and they’re the standard tool of damage in the territorial war that breaks out.

That stated, Code Geass discovers success with the intro of a tool that’s a lot more effective and eventually ends up being evidence that Lelouch isn’t above corruption when he’s provided the power to make it occur.

6 RahXephon Looks Deep And Gets Dark With Its Robotic Problems

RahXephon is a 26-episode mecha anime from the early 2000s that’s slipped through the fractures for lots of people, however it quite seems like a follower to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ayato is a put-upon a teenage lead character who’s strained with the job of piloting the magnificent RahXephon versus an alien intrusion, yet Ayato battles to manage in his daily life.

RahXephon is a vibrant mix of action, music, and deep character research studies. RahXephon does not have the exact same prestige as Neon Genesis Evangelion, however a great deal of people consider it to be the remarkable series merely since it’s much better at checking the heavy, nihilistic styles that remain in play.

5 Complete Metal Panic! Lets Its Lighter Perceptiveness Increase As It Has A Good Time With The Mecha Category

There’s absolutely a propensity for lots of mecha anime series to take themselves a little too seriously and get lost in the cold, ugly nature of devices and warfare. Complete Metal Panic! is a strong example of how mecha product can serve as the springboard for other concepts and various categories.

This anime doesn’t belittle the mecha concept, but its sense of humor and ability to create suspense is just as precise as its action instincts. An anti-terrorist military organization that’s full of mecha are tasked with the protection of a precocious high school girl, which turns into their most difficult mission yet.

4 Gunbuster Is A Staggering Look Into The Heavy Weight Of War

Gunbuster is a six-episode OVA series from the late ‘80s that feels like Gainax’s trial run for Neon Genesis Evangelion, right down to Hideaki Anno leading the production. Gunbuster concludes with a galactic spectacle where hordes of aliens are taken on by giant robots, but the best parts of this series are its intensive look into the training process to become a mecha pilot.

Gunbuster, as well as its sequel successor Diebuster, do an excellent job with how they highlight how war is a commitment that can completely take over somebody’s life and alienate them from their loved ones even after they’ve returned from the battlefield.

3 The Vision Of Escaflowne Recontextualizes Mecha Through The Isekai Lens

The mecha genre frequently skews more towards a male audience and can be seen as an antidote to magical girl and fantasy content. The Vision of Escaflowne is such a unique vehicle because it begins like any other isekai series once Hitomi gets magically whisked away to a fantasy kingdom.

Hitomi becomes an important player in the war that this nation, Gaea, is lost in. Fantasy, politics, and even romance dominate in this series where the titular mecha fulfills the role of a prince’s dragon as well as a gallant knight.

2 Eureka Seven Breaks From The Mecha Mold With Its Exciting Adventure

Eureka Seven is an underrated science fiction-adventure hybrid that got lost in the shuffle during the 2000s. Eureka Seven is another mecha series where the most interesting things about it are the evolving relationships between the mecha pilots.

Those that appreciate unique and detailed mecha designs will absolutely love Eureka Seven, which really goes above and beyond with the different mecha that are present. At 50 episodes, Eureka Seven is more of a commitment than some other mecha series, but it does not squander this time and it’s able to build to greater emotional heights as a result.

1 Re:Creators Blurs The Lines Between Fantasy And Reality With Its Meta Material


Poster for Re:Creators.

Re:Creators is an inventive twist on the isekai genre that’s only more relevant today in an age where multiverse and franchise crossovers are increasingly the norm. Re:Creators looks at the invasion of multiple fictional characters from anime, manga, video games, and beyond who come into the real world as a destructive force threatens all existence.

Mecha becomes a valuable tool in this war, however there’s so much more at play in Re:Creators as it effortlessly blends multiple genres and character tropes. It’s an enlightening commentary on the creative procedure and fandom.

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