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The Boys: Jensen Ackles Explains Soldier Kid as the ‘Analog Variation of Homelander’

The Boys star Jensen Ackles dives into the resemblances and distinctions in between his upcoming supe Soldier Kid and the presently ruling Homelander.

Jensen Ackles has some ideas about the parallels in between his character Solider Kid and Antony Starr’s Homelander in The Boys.

“He is the analog version of Homelander,” Ackles discussed in an interview with SFX Publication. “He was the original guy. There was no template for him. He created the template. You will probably see some of those similarities between Soldier Boy and Homelander, or even a multitude of the Seven.”


In the initial Dynamite Home entertainment comic series, Soldier Kid is a chickenhearted parody of Marvel’s Captain America, who led the superteam referred to as Repayment (a caricature of the Avengers). Unlike the damaged heroes of the 7, Soldier Kid’s patriotism was no act, as he preserved an ignorant technique to his function, not acknowledging the immorality around him. Nevertheless, the character held no qualms about injuring others or abusing his powers.

Like Captain America, Soldier Kid got an ability-enhancing drug to eliminate the Nazis throughout WWII, making him the world’s very first recognized “supe.” Ackles went on to discuss, “This was the trial-and-error guy. He did a lot of things great, and he did a lot of things greatly wrong. It’s interesting being the new guy on set, but playing the character who has been there the longest.”

Advertising product for Season 3 has actually leaned greatly on the Captain America contrasts, revealing that the series will take a more major technique to Soldier Kid than the source product, which notoriously portrays the hero moistening his trousers. Ackles mentioned the character ought to be “Soldier Grandpa,” offered the war hero’s sour, bad-tempered outlook on life. “That gave me some real texture, some fun notes,” Ackles stated. “It’s that older generation mentality. It’s an analog guy trapped in a very high-tech digital world. He certainly doesn’t belong.” The most current trailer for the series exposed that Soldier Kid would be showing explosive energy powers, much to the shock of Billy Butcher.

Prime Video’s adjustment does not carefully follow Ennis and Robertson’s initial comics series, making it tough to think the instructions Season 3 is heading. Ackles’ character will be important to the plot, as the upcoming season will check out Repayment and clarified Stormfront’s history, with the title of the best exposed to be “Payback.” In November 2021, Prime Video launched a picture of Crimson Countess, another member of Repayment.

The very first 3 episodes of The Kids Season 3 will air on Prime Video on June 6.

Source: SFX

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