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The CW Manager Ensures DC Fans, ‘We’re Remaining in the Superhero Organization’

Regardless of current cancellations, The CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz ensures DC fans the network is “staying in the superhero business.”

The CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz has actually guaranteed DC tv fans that in spite of some current advancements, the network presently has no strategies to leave the superhero video game.

The CW just recently ended on 2 of its Arrowverse series, canceling DC’s Legends of Tomorrow after 7 seasons and Batwoman after 3 seasons. The network likewise canceled its non-Arrowverse DC reveal Naomi after one season. That stated, as Pedowitz explained in a current press call, a brand-new season of the DC series Stargirl is set to premiere on The CW as part of the network’s fall lineup. It will be signed up with at midseason by brand-new seasons of the Arrowverse shows Superman & Lois and The Flash, in addition to a new DC reveal entitled Gotham Knights.


“[We’re] staying in the superhero business,” the network chairman stated. “We are staying working with Greg Berlanti, who has masterminded creatively The CW DC Universe.” Nevertheless, Pedowitz did acknowledge the reality that The CW has actually called back its superhero output since late. “So we’re not as robust as we were in the past, but still very much there. We started with one — this was Arrow 10 years ago — we have now moved to create a whole bunch of superheroes. And we’re proud of it and we plan to stay in that business,” he stated.

“No matter what the outcome is, with any event of sale or no sale,” Pedowitz continued, referencing the reports that WarnerMedia and CBS are wanting to offer The CW amidst the Warner-Discovery merger. “I think the Warner side realizes the value of having these properties up. DC Comics realizes the value of what it does to their marketability, in terms of what these franchises are.”

The CW has actually long been associated with superhero television shows — more particularly, DC shows — returning to the days of the Superman prequel series Smallville, which premiered when the network was still referred to as The WB. Nevertheless, the period of DC shows Pedowitz describes started in 2012 with the best of Arrow, which started the Arrowverse.

The CW’s Arrowverse got its 2nd entry in 2014 with the best of The Flash, and another in 2016 with the best of Legends of Tomorrow. Likewise in 2016, The CW got the DC series Supergirl, which at first premiered on CBS in 2015. While Supergirl existed in its own universe prior to 2019’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” occasion, it was still thought about part of the Arrowverse, utilizing multiversal shenanigans to cross over The Flash as early as its very first season on CBS. After transferring to The CW, Supergirl frequently crossed over with Arrow, The Flash and Legends.

The CW premiered another live-action DC reveal, Black Lightning, in 2018. Black Lightning was at first a standalone series prior to being folded into the Arrowverse throughout “Crisis,” not unlike Supergirl. The Arrowverese would quickly get 2 last entries, with Batwoman premiering in 2019 and Superman & Lois, a spinoff of Supergirl, premiering in 2021.

Arrow pertained to an end in 2020, with Supergirl and Black Lighting reaching their own conclusions in 2021. With the current cancellations of Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, The Flash and Superman & Lois are the only 2 Arrowverse shows left standing. Even then, there are whisperings that The Flash might be wanting to cover things up faster than later on. Still, with the development of shows like Stargirl, Gotham Knights and the now-canceled Naomi — not to point out the reality that Superman & Lois has basically distanced itself from the remainder of the Arrowverse — it appears as though The CW is now leaning more towards self-contained DC stories.


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