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The Simpsons: Comedian was offended by being invited to participate in the series

A star invited to participate in the simpsons was offended by the proposal. For many, being in the animated comedy, which is in its 33rd season, is a sign of a solid reach of celebrity status. The show is known for promoting guest appearances by artists playing themselves and making fun of their public personalities. However, the same cannot be said for anyone who is called upon to appear in the series.

According to animation creator Matt Groening, comedian Don Rickles, known for voicing Mr. Franchise Potato Head Toy Storywas offended to receive the invitation to be in the simpsons. The actor’s participation would have provided the secondary storyline for episode 8 of season 4, titled “A New Neighbor”.

It was thought up by series writer at the time, Conan O’Brien, and would have been focused on the titular family gaining a new neighbor, Ruth Powers, and their teenage daughter Laura – whom Bart fell in love with. This was an important storyline as it was the formal introduction of the Sea Captain, who would become a recurring secondary character in Springfield.

Don-Rickles The Simpsons: comedian was offended by being invited to participate in the series
Don Rickles, the voice of Mr. Potato Head

However, the original intent behind this arc was very different, according to the episode commentary included on the Season 4 DVD release. If Rickles accepted the role, Homer and Marge would have attended a stand-up show by the comedian, with which the protagonist would have a conflict that would end in court after being the butt of jokes by the actor.

However, when Don was approached about appearing on the show, the comedian was offended by the suggested plot. Because of the “evil” way he thought he would be portrayed, the actor turned down the role. Furthermore, he accused the show’s staff of recording his comedy shows illegally to obtain material for the episode, unaware that they, as fans of his work, simply bought copies of his comedy album.

New episodes of season 33 of the simpsons are available on Star+ every Wednesday.

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