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‘This Is Us’ is now the most watched series on Star+

With just one episode to go, This Is Us became the most popular content in the entire Brazilian Star+ catalogue. The Pearson family drama will release the last chapter on streaming next Thursday, May 26th. Bel-Airwhat arrived less than a week agoalready appears in fourth place in the Star+ audience ranking.

A series that rose several positions is SWAT, which is always among the favorites of subscribers and last Wednesday received its fifth season. Other novelties that were well received are the new films night valley and Facade couple, added last friday. Check the list below.

Position Title Previous Position
1 This Is Us two
two the simpsons 1
3 Modern Family 3
4 Bel-Air
5 Grey’s Anatomy 4
6 criminal minds 6
7 The Walking Dead 7
8 Family Guy 5
9 SWAT 17
10 Me, the Mistress and the Children 9
11 The Kardashians 11
12 futurama 13
13 How I Met Your Mother 10
14 night valley
15 The Resident 12
16 outlander 8
17 9-1-1 19
18 death on the nile 14
19 Prison Break 21
20 Facade couple
21 unclean 24
22 American Horror Story 25
23 revenge 23
24 How I Met Your Father 15
25 American Dad! 22

The series dropped out of the most watched list Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and the movies Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect and Free Guy: Taking Control.

Disney rarely discloses the number of views and/or minutes watched from its streaming platforms. Such announcements are one-off and normally only take place at events aimed at investors. The above data is based on the Star+ Trends block.

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