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This Is Us: Sterling K. Brown talks about the outcome of his character on the series

the star of This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall, talks about how his character is doing before finding his ending in the series. The final episode of the family drama will be available this week, today (24), in the United States, and next Thursday (26), on Star+, and should show what happens to the Pearsons after the death of their matriarch, Rebecca. . The long-awaited conclusion ends the show after 106 episodes.

Now, on the cusp of the series finale release, Brown has shared about how Randall is feeling as he heads towards the end of his journey.

Did you hear it at the end of [episódio] 17 say, ‘I don’t know what I want to say to her. I just want to get it right.’ And that’s a lot about who he is as a character: he wants to get it right.”, the actor said in an interview with TVLine. “And then, at the start of 18, there’s a little bit of concern on the part of his wife about how it’s going to affect him. She’s seen him go through some panic attacks and anxiety attacks where he’s had a hard time getting his life back on track, and she knows as well as anyone else that [Rebecca]if she’s not your favorite person, she’s definitely one of your favorite people”.

So is he in a place where he’s able to bounce back from that loss in a way that doesn’t hold him back from moving forward or giving his life a boost?,” he continued, questioning. “Which is also what your mother said to all of her children: ‘Don’t let my illness, don’t let my transition stop you from doing all the huge and wonderful things you have to offer this world.’ So I think maybe the audience, but definitely his wife, has a similar concern, which is why, from the very beginning, she feels the need to play out the worst-case scenario one last time with her husband.”.

So, according to Brown’s statement, his character appears to be about to deal with his mother’s death in the same way he faces other problems. With an obsession with always getting it right and the struggle she faces in her anxiety, things seem to fall into Beth’s hands again. However, the couple has one of the strongest relationships in the series and they must face this obstacle more masterfully.

the last episode of This Is Us arrives at Star+ next Thursday, May 26th.

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