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‘Tico e Teco: Defenders of the Law’ is the new audience leader on Disney+

After a long time at number one on the list of most watched titles on Disney+, the Marvel series moon knight was finally surpassed with the debut of Tico and Teco: Defenders of the Law. With many special appearances, including Ugly Sonicthe new film from Walt Disney Pictures is being very well received, and currently has 80% approval from critics and 83% from the public on Rotten Tomatoes, a famous aggregator of movie and series ratings.

Boosted by the film, the series of the same name also appears among the most popular content currently on Disney+. Here’s how the streaming audience ranks:

Position Title Previous Position
1 Tico and Teco: Defenders of the Law
two moon knight 1
3 Charm 4
4 Red: Growing up is a Beast two
5 WandaVision 5
6 Avengers: Endgame 8
7 The Snail and the Whale
8 the simpsons 13
9 Doctor Strange 3
10 moana 9
11 avatar 19
12 Once Upon a time 16
13 Loki 12
14 What If…? 7
15 Gravity Falls: A Summer of Mystery
16 Avengers: Infinity War 11
17 luca 14
18 eternal 15
19 bluey 20
20 Jessie
21 Frozen II 17
22 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 25
23 Tico and Teco: Defenders of the Law (series)
24 I’m Luna
25 Mickey Mouse’s House

Home for the Peculiar Children, TOTS – Puppy Delivery Service, The Incredibles 2, The Quest: The Quest, Thor: Ragnarok and Phineas and Pherb are the titles that left the list.

Disney rarely discloses the number of views and/or minutes watched from its streaming platforms. Such announcements are one-off and normally only take place at events aimed at investors. The above data is based on the Disney+ Trends tile.

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