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Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day Answer #219: Monday, January 24th

Here is your Wordle word of the day #219 for Monday.

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Neatly, the weekend is over and it’s serve to the day-to-day grind. Such is life. A minimum of now we maintain stress-free word puzzle games to distract us!

Welcome to 1 other Wordle solution put up, my fellow Wordlers!

The free-to-play, advert-free, micro-transaction-free word puzzle game Wordle is the viral sensation of the moment, and a welcome trade of streak from most mobile games available.

The game, created by Josh Wardle as a scourge latest for his word-puzzle aficionado wife, isn’t readily available on the App Retailer or Google Play. If it’s most sensible to give it a scuttle, head over to the qualified web pages and don’t earn suckered in by clones and copycats.

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Day after day, there’s one unique Wordle word of the day to resolve—and handiest one—and gamers can tune their wins and losses and share their spoiler-free alternate choices for the total world to thought.

If you’re unique to Wordle and unfamiliar how to play, it’s likely you’ll per chance be taught all about it in my explainer article or maintain a examine the video below for a quickly overview:

Monday’s Wordle #219 Resolution

Sooner than we earn to the solution for Wordle #219, here’s a dart:


And here’s the respond—which took me longer than any Wordle up to now!

Wordle #219 — KNOLL

Credit: Erik Kain

Wow, this one used to be not easy! This used to be down to the wire for me. I severely thought I won’t earn it, and I very simply about didn’t. Fortuitously I managed to earn it on the sixth—and final—bet.

After I guessed ‘DREAM’ I wasn’t too anxious. Chilly, I thought, I qualified eliminated a quantity of standard letters. I’ll create one other word—SHIRT—with one other vowel and some more standard consonants. When every DREAM and SHIRT grew to alter into up zero appropriate letters, I began to worry. That left qualified ‘O’ and ‘U’ and I handiest published ‘O’ (and qualified one ‘O’) with GLOOM.

I did something I not continuously ever create next, the employ of ‘R’ no topic radiant it wasn’t an correct letter. But ‘FLOUR’ published that there used to be no ‘U’ in this word—leaving me with qualified one ‘O’ and an ‘L’ within the scandalous role.

I old ‘R’ a 2d time on legend of I used to be out of tips and came up with ‘DROLL’ which, fortuitously as it happens, gave me ‘OLL’ within the lawful spots. From here I went via the final letters, ravishing damn stumped by what might perchance per chance likely precede this and not using a ‘H’ or ‘S’ or ‘R’ left—and then thought to be ‘KNOLL.’

I quiet wasn’t certain if it used to be lawful when I hit the ‘Enter’ button and heaved a speak of relief when it came serve all inexperienced. I don’t know if I qualified bought wretched, however for me here’s the hardest word I’ve needed to puzzle out since I started writing these guides and playing Wordle. Used to be this one advanced for you, too?

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