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Top 10 Anime Bad Guys Who Appear Like Heroes, Ranked

Anime bad guys tend to have frightening attire and fatal devices, however some bad guys might pass themselves off as heroes if they act themselves.

Worldwide of anime, similar to American comics like Marvel and DC titles, bad guys tend to have a particular appearance that sets them apart from the heroes. Some characters may blur the line a bit, however in general, manga artists and comic artists alike tend to draw their bad guys in ways so the reader intuitively understands what they are handling. Nobody would error Madara Uchiha or Red Skull for a superhero.

However, some artists get imaginative and style gritty antiheroes who may appear like bad guys, and alternatively, some bad guys in fact appear like heroes since of their attire, devices, or facial expressions. These anime bad guys’ actions and discussion will plainly mark them as bad people, however if they acted themselves, they would absolutely pass themselves off as heroes.


10 Racer Appears Like A Great Man (Fairy Tail)

The Fairy Tail anime has a lot of bad guys who look effectively atrocious, such as the horned Seilah or the harsh Jiemma Orland, master of the Sabertooth wizard guild. However, a couple of members of dark guilds such as Oracion Seis and Grimoire Heart do not look so bad on the exterior.

An example is the small bad guy Racer, who has the look and character of a normal anime racer who flourishes on competitors and high-speed shenanigans. He was certainly a villain, however in the long run, he was far from Fairy Tail‘s evilest character. He didn’t even come close to eliminating anybody.

9 Griffith’s Look Had Everybody Fooled (Berserk)

The famous seinen bad guy Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk, had definitely everybody tricked initially. He was an appealing, courteous, and clever fellow who might beauty and win the trust of anybody whom he satisfied, aside from a couple of critics like the queen of Midland. For several years, Griffith was a motivating hero for everybody around him.

Then, disaster struck. Griffith satisfied his fate and signed up with the God Hand as Femto, and his callous, wicked aspirations took spotlight. He is identified to have his own kingdom, and Griffith does not care who gets injured along the method. His gorgeous outside conceals a monstrous spirit.

8 Meninas McAllon Seemed So Safe Initially (Bleach)


Meninas McAllon Seemed So Harmless (Bleach)

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc presented a big handful of brand-new bad guys, the elite Sternritter. Most of them appeared like the bad guys they were, such as the cooling As Nodt and the harsh Driscoll Berci, however an exception was Sternritter “P” Meninas McAllon, who wielded a capability called The Power.

Meninas appeared like a captivating girl with innocent eyes and a relative absence of interest in battling. She practically looked like the brand-new Orihime Inoue, however all that altered when she began combating and tossed effective punches. She even punched Ichigo and Kenpachi and didn’t feel bad about it.

7 Gabi Braun Is Simply A Kid (Attack On Titan)

While Attack on Titan is well known for blurring the line in between hero and bad guy, it can be securely stated that Gabi Braun is a villain who looks like a hero from time to time. Ultimately, she was basically a “good guy” near the story’s end, however early on, she was not so excellent in audiences’ eyes.

Gabi is a tween woman with a joyful and loud character, and she looked like a mix of Eren Yeager and Sasha Braus. Gabi may have been more considerate, however this apparently innocent kid shot and eliminated Sasha, which quickly turned the whole fandom on her. So she’s a bad guy after all.

6 Slidin’ Go Gowns Like A Pro Hero (My Hero Academic Community)

Initially, the line was plainly drawn in between costumed professional heroes and the bad guys and crooks whom they battled, however the border grew ambiguous as My Hero Academic Community went on. An example is the hero Slidin’ Go, who looks a bit like Mr. Extraordinary or maybe a truly off-brand Robin.

Anime fans need to not be tricked. Slidin’ Go is in fact a bad guy, a faithful member of the Meta Freedom Army, led by the supervillain Re-Destro. For a time, Slidin’ Go was persuaded that the winged hero Hawks was another professional hero turned bad guy, however he was rather incorrect about that.

5 Shizuku Murasaki Appears Safe Enough (Hunter X Hunter)

The Phantom Performers is a vibrant gang of bad guys who like to combat people and take things, and members such as Uvogin and Feitan Portor appear like the bad guys they are. An exception is Shizuku Murasaki, a woman who has an innocent appearance with her big glasses and her normal clothing.

Shizuku had Gon and his good friend Killua tricked when she approached them on the streets of Yorknew, and even Leorio believed Shizuku was simply a common girl who liked arm fumbling. She in fact comes from a gang of harsh burglars, and she is not the least bit squeamish. She can likewise utilize her Nen vacuum to tidy up any messes after Feitan is done eliminating everybody.

4 Ukyo Is A Relatively Normal Kid (Dr. Stone)

Practically nobody in Tsukasa’s Empire of May was genuinely wicked, with the spear-wielding Hyoga being an exception. Most of these Stone Age bad guys merely required a strong leader to safeguard them, which held true for otherwise normal young people like the archer Ukyo and the music-loving Nikki.

Ukyo as soon as dealt with finder in the 21st century, and 3,700 years later on, he utilizes his ultra-sharp hearing to track Tsukasa’s opponents and shoot them with his weapon. He looks relatively typical as a character, simply a person with a yellow attire, a hat, and a good bow.

3 Tsukasa Eishi Let His Food Do The Talking (Food Wars!)

The professional chef Tsukasa Eishi is hardly even a bad guy in the long run, and he was a loose ally of Soma throughout heaven competition. However for a time, he was hostile to Soma as the #1 member of the Council of 10 and, quickly, Azami Nakiri’s Central. He never ever revealed Soma any grace at all.

Tsukasa Eishi served Azami without concern and did whatever he might to squash Erina and Soma in the Routine de Food. In the end, he lost, and he was a thoughtful loser about it, too. As his look would recommend, Tsukasa isn’t an evildoer – he merely took place to be Azami’s most knowledgeable servant.

2 Gloxinia Is A Vibrant Fairy (The 7 Fatal Sins)

Gloxinia is among those anime bad guys who is not a wicked individual deep down, though he did work as a severe villain for a time, so he counts as an anime bad guy. Gloxinia has the difference of being the very first king of the fairy forest, a neutral position. However then he wound up signing up with the 10 Rules group in addition to Drole, a giant.

Gloxinia and Drole were powerful opponents for the 7 Fatal Sins for a time, however later on, he and Drole both deserted the 10 Rules. In truth, he was ultimately on excellent terms with the brave Fairy King, an ally of Meliodas. And bad guy or not, Gloxinia sure looked excellent with his vibrant wings like living stained glass windows.

1 Princess Malty Is A Mini-Griffith (The Increasing Of The Guard Hero)

In some ways, the abhored villainess princess Malty is a scaled-down Griffith. She was as soon as extremely prominent, commonly relied on, and had a position of authority, however all that functioned as an exterior to hide her inner darkness. Like Griffith, Malty is a self-centered schemer who feels no qualms about betraying a friend/victim.

Malty and her dad, the king, framed Naofumi Iwatani the Guard Hero and had him eliminated from the castle, leaving Naofumi to take care of himself. Malty got away with it initially, however later on, her mom, the queen, brought both Malty and the king to justice, removing them of all their power.

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