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Top 10 Naruto Characters Fans Love To Dislike, Ranked

The Naruto franchise has numerous characters fans like to dislike, from didactic Sakura Haruno to the tricky Kabuto Yakushi.

Fans enjoyed as their most-disliked Naruto characters altered with Boruto’s current release, and they can’t assist however compare brand-new and old models of everyone. They keep in mind a lot of bothersome or poorly-written prequel characters. Some were fortunate adequate to get redesigns in Boruto, while others were overlooked or left in infamy.

The Naruto franchise presented a wide variety of eccentric faces, however there were a couple of that fans often berated. Characters like Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi devoted twisted criminal activities that destroyed their track records. Other characters amassed contempt through their pettiness or weak point, just like Sakura Haruno and Tenten. Throughout the years, fans have actually liked to dislike numerous Naruto characters.


11 Ino Yamanaka Was Stereotypically Catty

10 Ino uses her Mind Transfer Jutsu, Naruto

While Ino didn’t have much screen time, she made a problem of herself at the start of Naruto. She nonstop combated with Sakura Haruno, trading insults and blows over Sasuke Uchiha. Fans were frustrated with Ino’s catty habits, and they weren’t impressed with Sakura, either.

Ultimately, audiences saw Ino’s backstory and understood how she had actually supported Sakura which Sakura’s betrayal struck her difficult. Fans offered Ino a pass, however it didn’t alter her vapid and disrespectful habits. So, fans still liked to dislike her.

9 Tenten Made Little Effect

Tenten was more forgotten than disliked, however she did gather fans’ disappointment when they enjoyed her battle. Throughout the Chunin Examinations, her screen versus Temari was a humiliation to her group and the Hidden Leaf. She ranked as one of the worst shinobi in Naruto. After that, any fight Tenten took part in felt sluggish and directionless.

The unfortunate reality is that Tenten’s ability need to’ve been handy, and her adaptability would’ve made a considerable effect if the authors had actually provided her the chance. Still, Tenten didn’t impress the audience, and fans liked to dislike her for her weak point.

8 Konohamaru Was An Irritating Kid

Konohamaru was another aggravating character to watch. As a kid, he was continuously whimpering, and since he was the Hokage’s grand son, he was exceptionally entitled. The program liked to pan to Konohamaru and his good friends throughout tense moments to offer audiences a reprieve. Nevertheless, for numerous audiences, this was detrimental. Konohamaru’s scenes were frustrating and disruptive.

Even after Konohamaru grew to the adult years and ended up being a Jonin, fans liked to dislike him. His jutsu were too similar to Naruto’s, and his strategies were dull. He was typically thought about among Naruto’s most disliked characters.

7 Sasuke Uchiha’s Brooding Was Excessive

Masashi Kishimoto produced Sasuke Uchiha to be the “cool guy” of the series. He had a dark past, a brooding character, and a one-track mind for vengeance. Nevertheless, excessive of that mindset made the character feel one dimensional and even obnoxious.

Sasuke was disrespectful to everybody, unthankful for his good friends, and reluctant to observe anybody’s recommendations. The worst things Sasuke Uchiha did consist of deserting his support group and attempting to damage the Hidden Leaf. Ultimately, he discovered that whatever was a lie which his whole life’s work had actually been a farce. Fans liked to dislike Sasuke for taking himself method too seriously and for his self-fulfilling prediction.

6 Karin Was Obsessed With Sasuke

Karin was another shinobi consumed with Sasuke. She followed him around and tossed herself at him, making fans roll their eyes. Karin wasn’t of much usage to the group. The only ability she had was recovery, however characters needed to bite her to take advantage of that power, and it was strange.

On top of her aggravating fixation with Sasuke, she infuriated fans by disrupting numerous fan-favorite ships, like the SasuSaku ship. Additionally, her comic relief efforts felt more like groveling or nagging. Karin’s desperation made fans take pleasure in disliking her.

5 Hiruzen Sarutobi Allowed A Corrupt Federal Government

Fans started liking the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. He was a well-respected and favored shinobi, and he appeared to have the town’s best interest at heart. When he passed away, characters and fans alike were ravaged. Nevertheless, in Naruto: Shippūden, fans found Hiruzen’s dark tricks.

It ended up that Hiruzen had a huge function in the Uchiha clan’s massacre. Additionally, he enabled Orochimaru and Danzō Shimura to exist and experiment for method too long. Given that fans found out about these negotiations, they liked to dislike him and thought about Hiruzen Sarutobi the worst Hokage.

Sakura was among the most disliked characters in the program. Fans discovered her entirely worthless in the preliminary series, and her fascination with Sasuke was frustrating.

By Naruto: Shippūden, Sakura found out powerful abilities, ending up being the world’s primary medical ninja, acquiring the strength to break whole rock walls with one punch, and finding out Mitotic Regrowth. Nevertheless, numerous fans still disliked her as the series did a bad task of composing her arcs. No matter how much she advanced, the series discovered a method to make her useless. Both fans and the authors liked to dislike Sakura, and since of that, she was a pleasant Naruto character that fans grew to dislike rapidly.

3 Orochimaru Conducted Experiments On Kids

Orochimaru was among the evilest characters in the series, as he abducted kids, performed experiments on them, and eliminated them to power his jutsu. His monstrous reincarnation jutsu, plus his neglect for life, made him a real bad guy. He constantly left or made it through scenarios, infuriating numerous audiences as they wished to see him spend for his disobediences.

In some way, Orochimaru enhanced his likability and ended up being an uncharacteristically excellent moms and dad to Mitsuki in Boruto. Still, fans liked to dislike Orochimaru since of his previous criminal activities and disturbing looks.

2 Kabuto Yakushi Was A Triple Representative

Kabuto Yakushi was Orochimaru’s right-hand man, and while Orochimaru was the ring leader, Kabuto felt even sleazier. Not just did he allow Orochimaru’s plans, however he likewise did most of the grunt work. Plus, Kabuto’s biggest strength was his efficiency in espionage, and he worked as a spy for and versus Orochimaru.

Fans initially satisfied Kabuto throughout Naruto’s Chunin Test arc. He assisted the lead characters through the Forest of Death, however he did so to spy on them. Later on, he worked for Obito and Madara, prompting an apocalyptic war. Fans liked to dislike Kabuto since he was so hateable.

1 Danzō Shimura Brainwashed Kid To Be His Soldiers

Danzō Shimura was the peak of evil in Naruto: Shippūden. A few of Danzō’s worst criminal activities consist of requiring kids to sign up with Root, persuading them to end up being emotionless soldiers, and assisting Orochimaru with his human experimentation.

Danzō likewise attempted to topple the Hokage and take the Hidden Leaf town by force. He believed his vision for the town’s security was the only “right” method, and he disliked what the Senju viewpoint gave the Hokage function. Additionally, he managed the Uchiha massacre and took their Sharingan to implant in himself. Fans liked to dislike him since he had no redeeming qualities; he was pure evil and self-centered.

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