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Top 10 Saddest Chainsaw Guy Deaths, Ranked

Although Chainsaw Guy has its easy going moments, the series is filled with death. Some deaths simply struck more difficult than others.

The extremely expected shonen anime series Chainsaw Guy will be striking the streaming service Crunchyroll at some point in 2022. However for fans who have actually currently check out the manga, needing to experience all the occasions in animated kind is definitely going to be hard.

Although Chainsaw Guy has numerous easy going moments, this series is among the most terrible in current publications. Going into the hearts of readers all over, mangaka Tatsuki Fujikoto does not slow down when it pertains to eliminating characters for the function of a great story. Though Chainsaw Guy is filled with death, there are some that simply struck more difficult than others.

Manga Spoilers Ahead


10 Department 1 Group Had Prospective


Chainsaw Man Div 1

After Makima discovers that Denji’s image has actually been dripped to the general public, she purchases her subordinates from Department 1 to function as his security. This group consists of 3 members: Subaru, a high male with little character; Yuta, a shyer kid who does not actually wish to be included as a Devil Hunter; and Michiko, a lady who ends up being anxious whenever Makima is around.

While on their method to Tokyo to protect Denji, the 3 Devil Hunters are stopped when their tires burn out. Readers discover that 3 American Devil Hunters established roadway spikes to trigger the mishap. Prior to the Department 1 Group can respond, the American Devil Hunters weapon them down. This was an unfortunate ending to a trio that fans were simply being familiar with.

9 Galgali The Violence Fiend Is Whatever However That

Though his name might appear to recommend otherwise, the Violence Devil Galgali was really a kind soul who chose peace and love over fighting. Prior to his death, he showed a great deal of compassion and regard for those around him, as revealed when he errors the Spider Devil for a human or when he unintentionally strikes Beam while battling. He feels guilty about both circumstances and says sorry.

Regrettably, this kind-hearted character has a ruthless ending when a Devil attacks him and pierces his body numerous times with big projectiles. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he lastly passes away by being torn apart.

8 RIP Quanxi & Her Fiends

This effective lady isn’t simply fantastic when it pertains to catching the hearts of women; she’s likewise a very effective Devil Hunter. She and her hareem of fiends take a trip to Tokyo after they are hired by China to remove the Chainsaw Devil. She revealed a good deal of ability throughout her numerous fights in the manga, however in the end, she picked to compromise herself in hopes of conserving her fiends still alive.

Kneeling down in front of Makima, Quanxi requests for the fiends to be spared. However Makima does not trouble to listen, acting promptly and beheading both Quanxi and her fiends. Quanxi does make another look later on in the manga as one of Makima’s puppets, however it’s safe to state the genuine variation of her had actually long passed.

7 Pochita Sacrificed Himself For His Buddy

Dog-like Pochita wasn’t around in the Manga for long, however he still made a long lasting impression on fans. The initial personification of the Chainsaw Devil, this harmful pooch was Denji’s only buddy throughout his times of battle.

After Denji is injured by the Zombie Devil and near death, Pochita decides to climb up inside Denji and become his heart. His last demand is that Denji continue to live his life and satisfy his dreams. This emotional minute set the tone for Denji’s character progressing.

6 Beam The Shark Devil Always Had Denji’s Back

Among the most eccentric of all the Chainsaw Guy characters, Beam supplied a good deal of lightheartedness to this dim story. Constantly excited to assist others, the Shark Devil never ever avoided a battle, specifically when others were at threat.

Even throughout Beam’s last minute in Hell, he was more interested in the wellness of others and prompted Denji to consume his blood so that the Chainsaw Devil might restore himself. Unfortunately, his compassion was never ever rewarded, as he is extremely eliminated by being torn to shreds.

5 Himeno Craved Her Pals

Though somewhat unhinged, Himeno is a Devil Hunter who heads out of her pay to assist individuals she appreciates. She is revealed as exceptionally caring when it pertains to her relationship with Aki, even presuming regarding want to compromise Denji in order to safeguard her partner.

Unfortunately, her death was abrupt and early, leaving readers amazed. In traditional Himeno style, she passed away by compromising herself to the Ghost Devil and opening its complete capacity, hence conserving the lives of her colleagues.

4 Reze Deserved Better

Very first looking like a sweet lady who took Denji’s heart, it’s later exposed Reze was really a Bomb Devil. Among the more terrible characters in Chainsaw Guy, Reze was trained to be a Soviet representative who was charged with securing Denji. Throughout her time with him, she truly started to establish sensations for him.

Even after Reze assaulted Denji, he could not assist looking after her and wound up conserving her from the Devil Hunters attempting to eliminate her. Prior to they part ways, Denji informs her he wishes to see her once again at the café she operates at. Nevertheless, fans see that while Denji is ideally waiting, Reze is obstructed by Makima who most likely eliminates her.

3 Fans Were Unfortunate To See Angel Devil Pass Away

Understood merely as Angel, this devil is a unique one. He was more reserved than the other Devil Hunters and frequently appeared supportive, even towards people in their last couple of moments of life. However, he still declared he’s a devil very first and angel 2nd and thought all people must pass away in discomfort.

A buddy and convenience for Aki after the death of Himeno, it’s clear to all readers that he was more supportive and caring than he let on. Regrettably, his fate was sealed after learning more about Makima’s strategy. Though it doubts, most readers think that Angel was eliminated by Makima and turned into one of her puppets.

2 Power Dropped Dead

Without a doubt the most stunning death in the series, fans were ravaged when Power was eliminated in cold blood by Makima as Denji might not do anything however watch. The apparently meaningless killing left both Denji and readers stunned as the manga continued without acknowledging the death of this primary character at all.

Obviously, this ruthless and abrupt turn in the story just highlighted how terrible Makima is as a bad guy and how numb the primary character Denji has actually ended up being after viewing all of his closest good friends pass away in front of him.

1 Aki’s Death Broke Readers’ Hearts

The heart-wrenching death of Devil Hunter Aki is not just one of the saddest in Chainsaw Guy, however perhaps among the saddest in any media ever. As an adult figure for both Power and Denji, Aki felt a great deal of obligation, which left him frequently overwhelmed. However nevertheless, he continued his work to avenge his household who were killed by the Weapon Devil.

In a terrible twist of fate, Aki was taken control of by the weapon fiend and goes on a killing spree. What makes this even worse is Aki does not understand what he is doing and rather believes he is having a snowball battle with his good friends, imitating a memory from his youth. A broken-hearted Denji comprehend what he should do, and eliminates Aki, the Devil Fiend.

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