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Top Weapon: Radical Promos Present the New Aviators

Days prior to the best of the long-awaited follow up, Top Weapon: Radical releases 8 overblown promotions presenting the movie’s star pilots.

Top Weapon: Radical continues to warm up its marketing push today with the release of 8 electrifying promotions for the movie’s leading pilots.

Each of the hectic teasers starts with an overlay of the selected officer’s call indication accompanied by some heart-thumping music that means the tone of the approaching hit. In the following 30 to 50 seconds, the promotions reveal quick clips from the movie, dropping hints about the characters and functions each character will have in the story. The videos likewise include outtakes from behind-the-scenes interviews, offering fans much more to chew on prior to the movie’s May 24 launching.


First Off is Tom Cruise’s returning “hot shot” pilot Pete Mitchell, call indication Radical. “He’s the ultimate aviator,” states star Danny Ramirez as scenes of Cruise piloting his F/A 18 Super Hornet flash by. “And he craves adrenaline, and he craves the unknown.”

Star Miles Teller depicts Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in the next promotion. “Rooster is the son of Goose, who is Maverick’s wingman in the first Top Gun,” states Teller, including, “There’s been some complicated history between Rooster and Maverick.” In the intro for pilot Jake “Hangman” Seresin, played by Glen Powell, the star states, “Hangman, he doesn’t fly well with the team. He sort of lives on the edge. He knows he’s the best, and he’s not here to make friends.”

The very first female pilot in Top Weapon, Natasha “Phoenix” Trace, gets identified a “tough cookie,” and another of the movie’s leads, Jay Ellis, states “she is probably the leader of the group.” Ellis handles the function of pilot Reuben “Payback” Fitch. He explains his character as “very confident,” however tips that mindset might not last. Greg Tarzan Davis plays Javy “Coyote” Machado. “Coyote is very, very competitive,” Davis reveals, including, “His leadership presence makes him one of the best pilots.”

The next 2 promotions present the movie’s weapons-systems operators, those pilots who being in the rear seat of the F/A 18 and help the pilot: Robert Floyd, call indication “Bob,” and Mickey “Fanboy” Garcia, respectively played by Lewis Pullman and Danny Ramirez. “Fanboy is a back-seater,” states Ramirez, keeping in mind, “The mission he’s training for seems almost impossible, but Maverick pushes his pilots to think outside the box.”

Top Weapon: Radical will release in early fan screenings on May 24 and open worldwide in theaters on May 27.

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