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Which Isekai Bad Guy Are You Based Upon Your Zodiac Indication?

Isekai anime characters been available in all shapes and kinds, and there is one bad guy for each zodiac indication, from Leo and Virgo to Pisces and Libra.

The informal isekai category of anime is everything about heroes who discover themselves teleported to another world, typically by passing away or getting taken in into a computer game that ends up being genuine life for the lead character. Although this category is often slammed for having generic lead characters or subdued heroes, it does have some interesting bad guys, who can be found in all sizes and shapes, consisting of some characters who blur the line in between hero and bad guy.

These isekai bad guys can be classified not just according to their powers and capabilities however likewise their characters and their objectives, consisting of lead characters who in some way presumed the function of an antihero or borderline bad guy. These atrocious characters can likewise be explained by utilizing the twelve astrological indications.


12 Aquarius: Katarina Claes (My Next Life As A Villainess)

The meaning of “isekai villain” is a remarkably loose one. Often, it can explain a wicked villain, however other times, it might explain a lead character who was born-again into the shoes of an initial bad guy, such as the shojo isekai lead character Katarina Claes. She is a reformed villainess with a great heart.

Katarina Claes embodies Aquarius, among the 4 air indications. Aquarius is a mentally charged and positive “power to the people” indication with strong humanitarian characteristics, which definitely explains the kind, useful Katarina Claes. She assists show that not all isekai bad guys are really bad people.

11 Pisces: Nikki Hanada Was Motivated By Music (Dr. Stone)

The small character Nikki Hanada was never ever an evildoer – she merely picked the incorrect side in the Stone Wars, signing up with the thuggish Empire of May and following the orders of Tsukasa Shishio. For a short time, Nikki was among Senku’s most significant challenges towards saving Chrome, however all that quickly altered.

Nikki embodies the mild, understanding Pisces indication with her thoughtful character and her love of music and generosity. She does have brute strength almost on par with Lava’s, however eventually, Nikki is a fan of art and warm feelings, not war. She is a great Pisces and an adorable redeemed bad guy.

10 Aries: Tanya Degurechaff (The Legend Of Tanya The Evil)

The isekai antihero Tanya Degurechaff can be loosely classified as a bad guy sometimes, based upon her cold, callous character in her initial life and her savage ways in her brand-new life in this isekai world. Tanya is an extensively appreciated and feared wonderful soldier in a prolonged First World War that has actually currently declared numerous lives.

Tanya has numerous qualities of Aries, a fire indication that explains a strong, enthusiastic individual who takes pleasure in difficulties while likewise remaining in a management position. Sure enough, Tanya flourishes as a battleground leader who takes her authority seriously, and difficulties are an enjoyable chance to display what she can do.

9 Taurus: Marie Fou Lafan (Caught In A Dating Sim)


marie princess outfit

Trapped in a Dating Sim is a current isekai title that occurs in an otome video game world that has some sci-fi aspects to it, producing a unique experience. Lead character Leon Bartfort currently has numerous difficulties to deal with, and after that the computing Marie appeared to make things 10 times even worse.

Like any real Taurus, Marie takes pleasure in the elegant conveniences of daily life while likewise being stubbornly relentless and bull-headed about attaining her objectives. She is figured out to live off the royal successors’ wealth, and absolutely nothing Leon states or does can prevent her from pursuing these self-centered plans.

8 Gemini: Sarah Likes To Dabble People (My Next Life As A Villainess)

The air indication Gemini can be a captivating and interesting one, explaining an individual who is agitated and curious while looking for brand-new tasks and subjects of conversation. This makes Gemini loosely comparable to Sagittarius and the overall reverse of systematic earth indications like Virgo.

This can likewise explain the dark wizard Sarah, who appears to take fantastic satisfaction in whimsically controling others simply to see what occurs. Like a twisted Gemini, Sarah looks for experience and enjoyable without remaining restrained to any specific individual or cause. Her mind requires to run complimentary, like the air itself.

7 Cancer: Hinata Sakaguchi (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Hinata Sakaguchi is among the best risks to the hero Rimuru Tempest. She is a faithful member of the Western Holy Church and a dedicated knight who will protect humankind from all beasts, even benign ones like Rimuru and his numerous pals. She is likewise mentally far-off from others and is difficult to check out.

All that suggests she is a Cancer, a water indication based upon Cancer the crab. Cancers tend to conceal in their psychological shells and “pinch” anybody who gets too close, however they may ultimately open and form strong bonds with a couple of relied on pals.

6 Leo: Devil Lord Clayman (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Hinata isn’t the only bad guy Rimuru requires to look out for. He needs to likewise compete with the well-dressed devil lord Clayman, who sees Rimuru as his worst opponent of all. Clayman has a style for the significant with his intense speeches and atrocious laughter, suggesting he resembles Leo the lion.

Leos are understood for their fancy characters and their continuous desire to remain in the spotlight. On the plus side, Leos can keep a crowd captivated and influence people with their enthusiasm, however they can likewise be hot-tempered, vain, and a bit lazy, too.

5 Virgo: Tsukasa Shishio (Dr. Stone)

Tsukasa Shishio is a boy far more powerful than his age would recommend, and he can eliminate lions with his bare hands. Tsukasa was Senku’s ally in the beginning, however he challenged Senku’s strategy to restore all of human civilization, which put the 2 young boys at overall chances.

Tsukasa is a real Virgo, a persistent, useful, and client earth indication that thinks sluggish and constant wins the race. Tsukasa’s Empire of May is certainly useful, effective, and constructed by easy effort, and Tsukasa likewise shares Virgo’s love of the natural world.

4 Libra: The Spirit Tortoise (The Increasing Of The Guard Hero)

The huge Spirit Tortoise is an animal that is everything about balance and consistency however with an atrocious twist. Normally, the 4 Cardinal Heroes are accountable for safeguarding this world from the disastrous Waves, however if they stop working, then it depends on the Spirit Tortoise to take control of that task.

Like any Libra, the Spirit Tortoise prefers balance and the outdoors and has its own sense of justice. It will gather the souls of countless people to power itself up and beat the Waves, a grim however needed task that stabilizes the lives of those lost with those conserved from the Waves.

3 Scorpio: Princess Malty (The Increasing Of The Guard Hero)

Generally, the water indication Scorpio prefers truths and sincerity over deceptiveness and lies, however there’s more to Scorpio than that. The widely-hated princess Malty, for instance, embodies Scorpio’s callous and results-oriented nature, and like Scorpio, Malty is rather manipulative and resourceful in all the worst ways.

It was Malty who schemed with her daddy, the king, to have Naofumi Iwatani the Guard Hero banished as part of her plan to get yet more power and spread her impact throughout Melromarc. The water indication Scorpio can be downright sneaky when used to a bad guy like her.

2 Sagittarius: Kagura (InuYasha)

In spite of utilizing wind-based capabilities in fight, the robed Kagura has the character of a Sagittarius, among the 3 fire indications. Sagittarius likes to roam easily and check out originalities and after that mesmerize people with tales of discovery. This indication does not like to be restrained to anybody or constrained by anything.

Certainly, Kagura likes to fly complimentary like the wind, and she frowns at being Naraku’s minion. Kagura wishes to break without him, to the point she may peripherally help InuYasha and even Sesshoumaru to get what she desires. She likewise has the sharp, unrestrained tongue of a Sagittarius.

1 Capricorn: Quinella (Sword Art Online)

Quinella is among the most terrifying bad guys discovered in Sword Art Online, and she embodies the Capricorn check in a couple of noteworthy ways. Capricorn is everything about duty, being a great supervisor, and standard worths.

Quinella is certainly an accountable and steady supervisor as the Administrator, in charge of a whole digital world. And for Kirito and his pal Eugeo, beating this Capricorn was anything however simple.

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