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Why Titans’ Nightwing Outfit Took a Complete Year to Develop

Titans outfit designer Laura Jean Shannon describes why Brenton Thwaites’ Nightwing outfit for the HBO Max series took an entire year to make.

Titans outfit designer Laura Jean Shannon just recently exposed why the HBO Max series’ Nightwing outfit took a complete year to produce.

Shannon opened about why the fabrication procedure lasted “probably a year from start to finish” in an interview with JumpCut Online. “So there’s many different ways that you can create supersuits,” she stated. “But with that particular one, it was so complex, and we really needed to dial in exactly where each of those pieces fell on [Brenton Thwaites’] body. So we had a body formed for Brenton that these really talented sculptors conventionally sculpt the pieces from the concept art on to, so that we could go in there and literally take tools and manipulate the clay to make sure that we were hitting all of the exact right spots.”


“We didn’t have Brenton available to us that much because he was shooting the show,” Shannon later on included. “So that was definitely a suit that in some ways took longer than others, because of the complexity of the way that we fabricated it — sometimes simplicity is the most difficult thing to pull off.”

Previous Robin Cock Grayson embraced the Nightwing identity in the appropriately called Titans Season 2 ending, “Nightwing.” Thwaites consequently looked like this variation of the character throughout all of Season 3, nevertheless, he decreased the chance to repeat the function in the 2019-2020 Arrowverse occasion “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” “You get a choice to read the script, to study the project and, you know, to be a part of what you want to be a part of; and uh… it was just not something that I wanted to do at the time,” he stated of the choice not to star in the crossover.

Thwaites likewise just recently shared his ideas on who need to play Nightwing in the character’s long-awaited solo movie, embeded in the DC Extended Universe. “I think what would be interesting to me is a younger or older Dick Grayson,” he stated. “Someone who’s like Bruce Wayne’s age, you know… or 45 or 50. So like an actor 15 years my senior to kind of portray the character and what it’s been like fighting crime for so long.” The Nightwing movie has actually stalled in current months, although director Chris McKay insists he’s still excited to move on with the task.

Titans Seasons 1-3 are presently streaming on HBO Max. Season 4 does not yet have a release date.

Source: JumpCut Online

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