Zagitova starred in an unusual video with geese and Ronaldo. Alina, what was that?

Zagitova starred in an unusual video with geese and Ronaldo. Alina, what was that?

The career choices of the skater continue to impress.

Alina Zagitova, having actually accomplished all sorts of successes in figure skating early, does not leave attempts to discover herself off the ice. The popular professional athlete starred in commercials, mastered journalism, stunned the audience with her look in the ring, however she didn’t want to stop there either. An unusual video appeared on the network with a figure skater in the company of five men.

What was it, Alina?

Zagitova and pop hit
The European, World and Olympic champion Alina Zagitova just officially confessed in the fall of 2022 that she had finished her expert career. This declaration could shock somebody, however still numerous figure skating fans comprehended the improbability of the professional athlete’s full return after a long pause.

Alina has actually been doing anything however professional sports all this time. Work on tv, shooting in commercials, appearing in the boxing ring as part of a sparring session and speaking about a real boxing match with her involvement. The more the Russian female moved away from her core activities, the more questions this raised. However Zagitova does not stop and surprises more and more. Having endured a portion of criticism during her deal with television, the lady surprised her by appearing on the screen in a ridiculous video.

We are talking about the clip “In Qatar” that appeared on social networks, where Alina played one of the primary roles. You must not be interested in musical structure even if there is no desire to sing some rubbish for the rest of the evening. And most notably, the video!

The sands of Qatar, camels, stadiums, and in the middle of all this, Alina Zagitova in a wig. Next to her is a weird male company, where nearly everyone is wearing glasses, wigs and mustaches. And only a bald male, who for some reason is called “Infantino”, sticks out versus the general background.

All these people, including Alina, banquet in the middle of the desert, then Viktor Gusev appears in a goose costume, and the figure skater dances at the World Cup, which is held by Lionel Messi. Somewhere close by, a male in the form of the Portuguese national group is suffering, and certainly a lot of nonsense is occurring. Men in wigs and even Viktor Gusev look organic here, but Zagitova is in some way unusual.

” Like a crazy guy’s dream”
Surprisingly, many individuals liked the appearance of Zagitova in a ludicrous clip. In the remarks, the lady was praised, mentioned that Hollywood was crying for her and rejoiced at the flexible skill of the professional athlete. Some however saw this story without rose-colored glasses and, at best, were truly amazed.

– What is it? As in an imagine a crazy person I went to! When the temperature is likewise constantly dreaming of rubbish, or.

– What a creep! How did Zagitova accept star in such a cringe?

Nevertheless, there were still more positive evaluations.

– This is a real bomb, I wished to hear it at the stadium after the World Cup final.

– It’s so krinzhovo that it’s simply drop dead!

Please make a second series.

It appears that Alina’s fans have every opportunity to continue the story.

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